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Cleric warns of major fire outbreaks in Lagos, Abuja markets

JONAS EZIEKE, Abuja.                                                 
A renowned cleric Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Omale of the Divine Hand of God International Ministries has called for serious prayers and caution by individuals and groups to avert two impending major fire disasters in Lagos and Abuja markets.                                            

The preacher in a 2017 message of deliverance said that two popular markets in Lagos and Abuja would be gutted by fire and warned of the dire consequences if precautions are not taken to avert these ugly incidents.                                    

According to the cleric, January 27th keep ringing bells in his head, saying let us pray for ourselves, for our country, we deserve political stability to enable economic prosperity.
 He said ”Let us pray! There will be no shedding of blood”.
The prophet also said, “let us pray for the health of a former President to avert bereavement”.
Other prophetic messages include: “Pray against Boko Haram efforts to create mayhem in Abuja; Residents of Gwagwalada should be vigilant. There will be no new mega party in 2017. If President Muhammadu Buhari chooses the Mandela option, (i.e. not to contest again) a very powerful man will be anointed by him from North West geo-political zone to rule after him.
“I see changes in INEC Leadership. Taraba should pray to avert a very severe ethno-religious crisis. Three Ministers should pray to avoid the anti-corruption hammer. Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State may face impeachment. The South South strong man who rose out of the walls will join the ruling party.
“No oil in explorable quantity will be found in the North, NNPC should seek the Divine Hand of God to know where to find oil in the North. Two PDP Governors will cross carpet to APC.
“Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu should pray against food poisoning. Alhaji Abubakar Atiku will be forced out of APC. Pray against a plane crash in early 2017. I see peace in Niger Delta, but Federal Government should make peace with former President Jonathan and his family to sustain that peace.
“A very important Emir should pray against bereavement. Nigeria should pray to avert deadly inter tribal clash in Lagos state.  A former Governor should pray against sudden death. I see massive oil spillage around Kogi that will lead to seven days fire.Three Banks will collapse. A Service Chief of one of the armed forces will be dropped.
“I foresee a massive typhoon in Thailand that may be worse than the last tsunami. The new Ghana President-elect should pray against liver and internal organ sickness after inauguration. Yaya Jammeh will hand over to President-Elect Barrow. Robert Mugabe may not survive 2017. Lastly, the prophet in this prophetic message said that President Jacob Zuma  of South Africa may still be in trouble”.
For a better society.
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