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Church leader advises youth on entrepreneurial spirit

PRESIDENT of Divisional Youth Movement, Christ Chosen Church of God International, Mafoluku , Lagos, Elder Tony Ugwueze, has advised students and youths to engage themselves in entrepreneurial activities to enhance their productivity and leadership acumen in future.
The youth leader gave this advice while making his opening remarks at the one-day leadership seminar held at the Mafoluku headquarters of the church recently.
According to Ugwueze, developing the spirit of enterprise and leadership acumen would go a long way in moulding the future of youth positively towards putting on the mantle of leadership.
Enjoining Christian students and youths in the country to open their minds to new knowledge everyday even outside the classroom, the youth leader noted that the process of knowledge was a life-long affair ; adding that youths must develop appetite  for learning  more about the word of God and the tenets and doctrines of the church so that as they grow, they would be able to take charge of the church administration conveniently from the current leaders and ensure that the fire of the gospel keeps flaming and never to quench.
Ugwueze added that the church was always there to cater for the welfare of members in general in order to ensure all is well spiritually, physically, and even materially with them; thereby fulfilling the word of Christ that says “Come unto me all ye that labour; and I will give you rest”; meaning that the Church of God is the last hope for the total succour of man.
He also advised church administrators to always carry youths along in the running of church affairs; noting that it was only in doing so that youths could be adequately prepared for effective leadership  both in church and their various chosen career lines in future.
Delivering a paper earlier, a principal lecturer in the Department of Educational Psychology, Federal College of Education, (Technical), Akoka. Lagos, Mr. Pius Onyekwere had tutored audience at the seminar that leadership requires the realisation of who the leader is  and his ability to influence the followers voluntarily to the direction of goal achievement; adding that “leadership is a process in which leaders and followers interact in such a way that leaders influence the actions of followers toward the achievement of desired goals or objectives”.
Onyekwere whose paper was delivered on his behalf by Elder Ugwueze, advised youth to develop the habit of setting clearly defined goals for  themselves and remaining focused towards realizing the set goals which cumulates in success .
Another presenter at the seminar, Mr. Godwin Duru, charged youths to take worthy entrepreneurial risks with a strong possibility mentality, ensuring that even initial delays, letdowns and failures do not deter them from achieving their set goals in life.
“Success and winning  are largely a matter of holding  on after  others have let go. Keep seeing your direction even though you might be experiencing delays and battles. It is better to die for an idea that will live than to live for an idea that will die”; Duru stated.

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