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N'Delta militants warn Northern youths, tell Buhari where to locate settlement for herdsmen
Apostle Collins Timothy, the General Overseer of Olive Mountain of Prayer and Praise Ministries, Ijegun-Ikotun, Lagos, reveals his New Year prediction to Daily Champion in a recent encounter.
 As the year 2017 unfolds what should Nigerians expect? 
Last year, during an interview, I gave some messages to the country concerning many issues, for instance, I stated that there would be an increase in cases of robbery and other violent crimes. I stated it at the time that I saw an armed gang that styled itself as the Millennium Boys that would unleash mayhem in some parts of Lagos State.
 I also stated that kidnappers will be on the prowl and that there would be more cases of kidnapping and ritual killings among other crimes. Most of these things came to past in the out gone year but God has always preserved his children. 
This year, I want to use this opportunity to alert the nation on what the year holds in stock and to urge the citizens to draw close to God. And be thankful to him at all times throughout the year. The bible says that we should come to God with thanksgiving and pay our vows and call upon him on the day of troubles that he will not only deliver us but he will show us so many secret things that we have not seen. Let us appreciate God in the coming year and he will do more for us.
We should give ourselves to the service of God and be very close to him, seek his approval in all things; we should not do things on our own. Appreciating God is not just by giving money but also in serving him in our own ways.
 There are so many things to expect this year, I foresee war in some parts of Nigeria but it won’t be a general war but it is an inter-state war. I see about three different states in Northern Nigeria that are involved in bitter conflict against themselves. There is also going to be war against Christianity.
God has revealed that 2017 will be a difficult year for some people but that it will be a good year for his children. 2017 will be harder than 2016 but not for God’s children. There will be fuel crisis in the country. I saw the death of two prominent government officials. There will be crisis in the seat of power that may lead to moves by some people to remove the president. It is going to be a big battle except God intervenes on this issue; it will plunge the entire nation in crisis.
We should pray for Lagos because I saw major fire outbreak in a very popular place in the state and many lives were lost in the process. Let us pray against crisis involving the political parties. I see crisis in Imo State as the people will rise against their governor, it will come to a stage that the youths will stand up to fight.
Last year, I talk about war in the Niger Delta; I said that President Muhammadu Buhari’s approach to Niger Delta problem by sending troops to the region instead of dialogue won’t solve the problem as I saw loss of lives in the process. This year, the type of militancy that will take place in the Niger Delta will be very catastrophic; it will result to the militants moving from street to street and killing law enforcement agents. This is what to expect in 2017. Robbery cases will increase this year. Unemployment will increase during the year, leading to insecurity.
Is there any solution to these problems?
The solutions are for us to pray earnestly. The government should start to take good care of the people in uniform especially the police because hunger will force many of the security agents to compromise their positions by conniving with criminal elements.  I foresee where the salaries of many of them are withheld.
 Government should find means of creating employment opportunities for the jobless youths and school leavers. If government should find a way of engaging the youths, crime will be minimized in the society in 2017. I saw where so many youths were apprehended after much bloodshed, the Lord opened my eyes and revealed the grouse of the youths, ‘we graduated but there is no job.’  One of areas that government should do something to avert the looming problems is to create jobs for the youths.
I have said earlier that I saw uniform men conniving with criminals by leasing arms to them; the police authorities should be thorough in checking the allotment of bullets and ammunitions. Government should set up a monitoring team that would be in charge of scrutinizing the use of ammunition in the hands of security operatives.
However, Nigeria will remain one country in 2017 despite the agitations from some quarters for the splitting of the country.
For the church, I want the society to watch out against some church leaders who are wolves in sheep clothing. Today, some people who parade themselves as ministers of God are wolves so people should be very careful about where and who they are taking their problems to. People should also be very careful about those who lay hands on them because most often by laying on of hands, they add to people’s problems instead solving the problems.
Moreover, people don’t need to spend money for deliverance, Jesus said that it is finished, you don’t need to make any other sacrifice, by his death Jesus has paid the price, and it is enough sacrifice. So if anybody is asking you to bring money to buy what is needed to do prayer for you, be careful; what is he going to buy the word of God is sufficient.
This 2017 more wolves will emerge parading themselves as ministers of God. Many people will get tired of going to church as a result of the activities of these wolves. But God will continue to expose them.
Church and thanksgiving
Today, we mark our annual thanksgiving service. Jesus is the founder of the church whereas I’m only but an overseer to the church, today, we mark our thanksgiving, and it is a general ministry of everybody where I made people to understand that a man doesn’t own a church. This is a body that builds for Jesus and the work is for the glory of God, we can’t give glory unto ourselves.
 Towards the end of every year, we gather together to appreciate God for his preservation over our lives, for his kindness, love and abundant blessing over our lives. That is why we tagged this year’s event ‘Abundant blessing,’ God’s blessings is evident in the lives of so many people.
The thanksgiving is a continuous exercise. Here we don’t complain because we know that God is our provider.
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