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“Surprise is an understatement to describe how I feel on a day like this”, Reverend Fidelis Ayemoba of Omega Fire Ministry said this during the celebration of his birthday on Easter Sunday.

Flanked by his wife, Pastor Mrs. Gladys Ayemoba,  Rev. Ayemoba urged his congregation not to come to God with the intention of blessing and breakthrough alone.

“If they do so, they may end up leaving God behind. Those who seek God, find him and other things follow them, these include blessings and prosperity.

He also admonished the  worshippers that their ability to work diligently is a determinant factor towards attracting a reward.

“Workers attract reward not talkers. Slothfulness and idleness leads to poverty, in working, avoid lips and eye service for a reward because the reward men give is limited”, he said.

In her remark, Pastor Mrs. Ayemoba said:  “Words are insufficient to describe this rare gem, a wonderful gift from God. What else can I do but to celebrate my wonderful husband”.

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Christians around the world have on Sunday, gathered to mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.


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