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**Insists APC must fulfill its ‘3000 promises’
The member representing Ohaozara/Onicha/Ivo federal Constituency of Ebonyi state in the Federal House of Representatives, Hon. Linus Okorie, has faulted the recent scathing attack by the leader of All Progressive Congress (APC), Ahmed Tinubu, on the Minister of State for Petroleum, Mr. Ibe Kachikwu on the lingering fuel scarcity.

**As he bags Doctorate Degree on Security, Intelligence
The immediate past President of the Senate, Senator David Mark has again tasked Nigerians to rise up against the unabating insecurity in the land in order to stop the needless killings of country men and women .
Senator Mark noted that although insecurity has taken a global trend , Nigeria cannot afford to allow the challenges degenerate further to an intolerable level. The former Senate President was speaking at the weekend in Ogume, Delta state when he bagged a Doctorate Degree on Intelligence and Security studies ( Honoris Causa) from Novena University at the institution’s convocation ceremony. The University also named the new faculty Senator David Mark centre for Intelligence and Security studies According to him, ” it is sad that hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost to conflicts and insurgency. Productive men and women who should ordinarily contribute to national development have been needlessly wasted. That is why we must all rise up to say enough is enough “. He was pleased with the establishment of the Intelligence and Security studies faculty named after him and requested that higher premium be placed on strategic research that will provide better understanding and knowledge of the security challenges facing the nation today. Senator Mark therefore tasked security Agencies and scholars alike to take advantage of the intelligence and security faculty of the University to focus on research, teaching and learning in order to fashion out a blue print to navigate through the myriad of security challenges . Presenting the certificate to the awardee at the University campus, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Chris A. Okafor acknowledged the role Senator Mark played as the President of 6th and 7th Senate in bringing peace, security and unity to the National polity, which he described as unprecedented in the history of Nigeria. He particularly extolled the wisdom with which Senator Mark piloted the affairs of the National Assembly stressing that “the David Mark Centre for Intelligence and National Security studies will work closely with the Distinguished Senator and some international partners from the Republic of China to fully train the undergraduates in personal and national security.” The event was attended by Delta state Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa, his cabinet members, former Minister of Interior, Comrade Abba Moro; House of Reps Committee Chairman on Airforce, Rt. Hon. Samson Okwu; Rt. Hon. Ezekiel Adaji among others.

I would not to express my opinion on whether the budget documents containing the budget is missing or not because there are certain things that should not be heard, it should not be heard, that money is missing from central bank, it should not be heard where there is no coup that the president cannot enter his office, it should not be heard that the senate had no paper recording material to record its proceedings and one other thing that should not be heard is that the document containing the budget of this country is missing, I believe that those that handled the issue mishandled it. Who keeps custody of the budget document? Has the custodian of the budget document declared that the budget document is missing? Has the president demanded for the budget document? And the custodian of the document informed the president officially that it is missing? Public service is not private service, that you can say one man keep all the document in the house. Every document has a channel of records, the last person that received the budget document after presentation, when it was discussed, deliberated on once or twice, the last person that received it will have it endorse in the movement register. So it is very easy to trace, where the budget document was last found. It should not get to the public domain. It is embarrassing to the president, embarrassing to the senate; it is embarrassing to the nation that the document containing the country budget is missing. It should not be heard, so we await the outcome of the investigation, what is even more worrisome is that while the president and the majority leader say the document is not missing, the senate house says it is missing, lets get the outcome of the investigation but I tell you that it dose not sound well to the hearing of the average Nigerian. On whassap and facebook it is been circulated that bin case you are buying groundnut, guguru, and roasted plantain you should check the paper if it is the budget document. Why would the senate allow such a very serious issue that touches the lives and existence of Nigerians to be trivialized? I feel very sad about it and I want to believe the issue will be handled expeditiously.
On the issue of minimum wage, are you in support that it should be reduced?
On the issue of minimum wage my position is that N18,000 is not a living wage for the least paid worker. With the inflation that is biting hard in the economy, N18,000 is not a living wage. I call for that review to be done forensically considering the state Nigerian economy today. I want all the stakeholders to sit and review it, let all the cards be placed on the table, the government from what we read in the papers are having challenges on paying the minimum wage. The question is how long will it take Nigeria government and the Nigerian economy to stop depending on oil? Because of the ungodly dependent on oil revenue, the state has gone to sleep in internally generating revenue, they have gone to sleep in harnessing the enormous natural resources within their domain, it is because we have a system of eating the cake instead of creating the cake, the time has come and I believe that what is happening in the oil prices globally is a wake up call to the states  in Nigeria and the federal government and even to the private sector to look elsewhere to generate revenue in nigeria other than depending on oil. We have not developed the maritime sector, the solid –mineral sector, we have not developed our agricultural sector, I.T.capability is not developed, why should we not explore scientific development? Why should we not promote scientific invention? why should we not invent things and develop them and ensure we have mass production? Why must we continually depend on importation? Why should shipping companies charge Nigeria double for one cargo that is brought to Nigeria; because they are going to take the cargo empty, because they are not producing anything for export. I believe that rather than reduce the minimum wage we should think of developing all sectors of the economy to increase the minimum wage and make it a living wage. If N18000 was a living wage five years ago or six years ago, it is not today and I want us to balance the approach not just increasing the salary but the government make more money in terms generating more revenue. Nigerians workers cannot keep complaining of money, we cannot afford it.

l-r Wife of( SSG) Prof Ibiyemi  Tunji Bello, Commissioner of health Lagos State Dr Jide Idris, wife of the Governor of Lagos State Mrs Bolanle Ambode, Special Adviser on primary Health care Lagos State  Dr Olufemi Onanuga at  Goodwill visit to public Hospitals to Welcome 1st Baby of the year held at Lagos Island Maternity Hospital on Friday 1.1.2016.

18th December, 2015,
The Federal Government (FG) said yesterday that it had not yet decided whether or not to join the all-Muslim alliance. The all-Muslim alliance is a 34-nation military coalition led by Saudi Arabia.
While the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) commends FG for not rushing into the coalition, we advise that Nigeria should stay away from the Islamic military bloc.
The major reason for adopting this line of thinking is the multi-religious status of our country. Nigeria is neither a theocratic state nor is it a secular one. This country is made up of two major religious groups (Christians and Muslims) as well as several other traditional religious societies whose number is dictated by the number of its ethnic groups.
A military coalition with a religious colouring will no doubt ignite another controversy.  Anybody who thinks it will favour Nigerian Muslims should check his records again. We affirm clearly, emphatically and unequivocally that Nigerian Muslims do not need an Islamic military coalition. We are not at war with our Christian neighbours.  
 A religious military bloc is an ill wind that blows nobody any good. Nigeria has enough security problems on its hands. We must also remember that the Boko Haram saga nearly caused religious war between Christians and Muslims because the former misunderstood the setting ab initio thereby accusing the latter of sponsoring the hoodlums. Nigeria’s involvement in an all-Muslim military alliance will revive those fears.
Nigeria is presently leading a non-religious regional coalition against Boko Haram. The same coalition should suffice to battle any form of terrorist threat in the West African subregion. We should not venture into an international all-Muslim alliance.
This is not an Islamic state and, contrary to the misleading perception in some quarters, Nigerian Muslims are not in the least interested in turning this country into an Islamic republic. All we want is to peacefully coexist with our Christian and traditionalist neighbours while all we demand from them is just to leave us alone and allow us to be what we are.
Finally, we warn that a military bloc with an Islamic nomenclature is the last group Nigeria should join. This all-Muslim alliance is designed for countries with around 90% Muslim population. It is meant for Arab countries and others like Indonesia, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Nigeria must keep it at bay.   
Professor Ishaq Akintola,
Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC)
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