Thursday, July 18, 2019
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Tayo Oagunbiyi

Vision, according to the Strong’s Concordance Dictionary is “a sight (mentally), i.e., a dream, revelation, a mental image, or an invisible inspiration”. Vision motivates, directs and inspires. The centrality of vision in all human endeavours is better illustrated with a declaration from the Holy Bible to the effect that where there is no vision the people perish. So, developing a vision is an issue of great importance.

Ejike Anyaduba

It is patently clear that a syndicate that specializes in defamatory writings has converged on Anambra as a scene of desolation. They have come together to vilify the government of Anambra State with so much hate. Their malignant pieces are fast metastasizing and if unchecked, with equal rage, may debilitate their target.


Helen Adam Keller, an American author and the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree, once noted that while blindness cuts people off from things, deafness cuts victims off from people. Hearing loss is not just an ailment of old age; it can strike at any time and any age, even childhood. For the young, even a mild or moderate case of hearing loss could bring difficulty learning, developing speech and building the important interpersonal skills necessary to foster self-esteem and succeed in school and life.

Eddie Onuzuruike

Culture is the sum total of man’s activities. How he eats, grows his food, wears his dress, worships, builds his house are all aspects of culture. Not only these, his dances when happy and dirges when sad are drawn from the culture. As posited by sociologists, culture is relative to time and place. What is culturally acceptable today may not be so tomorrow. Cultural practices in one place may be taboos in other places.

Chiedu Uche Okoye

Anambra State, which is peopled by the Igbo people, is in the South-east geopolitical zone in Nigeria. The Igbo claim kinship with the Jews, and believe that they both share ancestral heritage. Anambra State’s slogan is the light of the nation; arguably, it is the salt of the nation given that many people who are native of Anambra state have achieved global fame in their respective pursuits.

Tayo Ogunbiyi

Recently, a video recording of a house maid inflicting unbelievable pains on a hapless eighteen months old child, whom ironically she was meant to look after, went wild on the social media. The dreadful sight of the maid pouncing and pounding on the ill -fated child, as in a wrestling bout, was met with widespread indignation across the globe. It was such a disgusting spectacle. Many who saw it wondered what on earth the child could have done to deserve such coldhearted treatment.

Tayo Ogunbiyi

The Informal sector is an economic activity that is neither taxed nor monitored by a government; and is not included in that government’s Gross National Product (GNP); as opposed to a formal economy. It refers to very small-scale units producing and distributing goods and services, and consisting largely independent, self employed producers in urban areas of developing countries.

Chiedu Uche Okoye

Has God not blessed Nigeria abundantly? Nigeria is immensely blessed by God based on any benchmark for assessing blessed countries. Crude-oil is deposited beneath our soil in large quantities. Coal, which can be used in generating electricity, is found in Enugu. Limestone is found in different parts of Nigeria. More so, we have a mild and equable weather conditions which are favourable for agricultural practices. And, our large land mass is very arable and fertile. Unlike in Europe and America, natural disasters do not kill people here; neither do they devastate our buildings and public infrastructure.

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