Saturday, September 22, 2018
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reggae star, Righteousman has reworked his hit track, “No”, featuring a bunch of Nigerian music stars in the re-invented work. This effort which many discerning Nigerians insist is aimed at telling our greedy politicians that people are now wiser than they may have been thinking is a shocking surprise to them.

OVER the years, Perry Ernest Okocha, simply addressed as Perry Ernest on the beats scene, had been a force in song writing, singing and tutelage.
He came into them during the dark ages when the Nigerian conservative norm was burning. That was when bunch of the Nigerian parents won’t manage the idea of their children dreaming to become a musician or entertainer of any sort.


THEY are celebrated faces like others, who are only spotted in either English or Yoruba movies. But unlike them, these crossover actresses have featured in both productions, doing well in them to the surprise of Nollywood followers. Their ability to blend perfectly with the demands of English and Yoruba productions which  undoubtably, stand them out as cross over actresses. Now meet the 12 pretty, gifted and bi-lingual role interpreters.

Top Lagos socialite, ex-publisher, Chief Goddy Anabor, has obviously been off the social radar for long. He has reasons for this and that, Anabor revealed to IFECHI OKOH when they met at the Cave Bar, Ikeja, Lagos, where he comes around occasionally on Friday nites.
The extensive interview touched on all areas people may not have envisaged. Like somebody ready for it, he actually opened-up. Excerpts


COMEDIANS all over the world, are known, loved, respected and celebrated for their inate abilities to provide comic relief for those who want it. Today, in Nigeria, it has become the in-thing in social circumference, providing a visible source of livihood for talented persons into such concern. Hence, corporate and comfortable persons take delight in paying handsomely to be part of comedy shows held in corporate venues.

Consummate entertainer, Julius Agwu is ready to burst loose once more in Port Harcourt on Xmas day (today) with an array of entertainers, including Okey Bakkassi.  He spoke to IFECHI OKOH shortly before he flew out.  It was a detailed interview which touched on all you need to know about the crowd pulling show bound to hit 10 years next years. Enjoy it!

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