Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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“Daesh have made a big error. When you are weakened as they have been, you try to make your supporters think you are strong by being more monstrous, but this time they went too far.”

There was one sentiment that many of the Middle East’s competing clerics, fractious ethnic groups and warring sects could agree on Wednesday: a shared sense of revulsion at the Islamic State’s latest atrocity, burning alive a Jordanian pilot inside a cage.

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the only child produced by the troubled union of singers Bobby Brown and his late wife Whitney Houston, could have ended up in the exact manner her mother died last Saturday but for the intervention of two people. Even as of today, as the woman continues to battle for her life, many wonder what could have driver her to the path of self-destruction.

Visual artist and  Lecturer at the Department  of Fine Arts, Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria, Kaduna State, Professor Jerry Buhari, in this file interview speaks on on one of the recent Ben Enwonwu  Annual Lecture Series with theme Beyond 2Dimensional  Art, as well as the place of the art in Nigeria, the cultural and   economic impact and potential of Nigerian art.


As the nation prepares for yet another round of elections, activities of state will grind to a halt as the people and laws of the land are placed on suspension until our super-human leaders sort themselves at the polls.
There is hardly anywhere in the country where the heat generated by a frenzied nation towards electioneering more felt than Lagos, the economic nerve centre of the nation.


A golden fish, they say has no hiding place; that is typical of Dr. FavourChibuogwu  Chika-Okafor,  a prolific writer, an eloquent speaker and philanthropist who is an epitome of hope to the underprivileged in society.
In a world where people have become preoccupied with wealth accumulation for self-aggrandisement, this woman with a golden heart choses to share her enormous material and intellectual wealth with the downtrodden in the society; a thing she does with burning passion.

In this interview with Merit Ekeleme, Lagos resident, Mrs Nike Awolowo, explains how her choice of occupation as a tricycle operator has caused her her marriage, what informed her unusual choice of occupation dominated by men

What is your name?

My name is Nike Awolowo, I’m from Oyo state but I got married to a man from Ogun State. I have three children who all stay with me, and I have lived in Lagos for over 17 years now.


A standard can simply mean a document that specifies the whole requirements that the product must/shall comply with, when it is appropriately examined/evaluated according to specified procedure(s).
Accordingly, the product becomes substandard once any of the important and/or mandatory specifications is not complied with, when examined as above.


NIGERIAN Breweries (NB), a company best described as the Creative Brewery due to its passion for drilling and refining raw creative minds, has over the years, demonstrated undying quest for professionalism and excellence in Nigerian media and creative industry, proving to its critics that it is indeed a development focused company.
The company, through its numerous sustainable initiatives, executed many wonderful creative projects which made it, unarguably, the only giant brewery in the country that brews four basic condiments–water, barley, hops and yeast–to add creativity to the beer, the end product.

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