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CHARLES OKOH, with Agency report

Between January and April 2015, five Nigerians have been executed by the government of the Republic of Indonesia over drug related offences. Even with the scary figure it is still not to be unexpected that some are still making plans to travel to that country for the same reasons these Nigerians and other nationals have been executed.


HISTORICALLY, workers Day celebration came about as an aftermath of struggles and agitation to liberate the working class from the shackles of their employers who had hitherto assumed the position of warlords.
In the late 19th century, the working class was in constant struggle to gain the eighth-hour work day.

“Nigeria is bigger than any political party or any individual and that the country’s greatness would outlive any election.’’

On January 14, the presidential candidates of the 14 political parties that are participating in the March 28 presidential election signed an accord in Abuja to uphold peace before, during and after the elections.

The pain of ugly experience of flight cancellations, delays, reschedules and air returns will for a long time linger in the minds of some air passengers who were at one time or the other victims of the unexpected development in the aviation sector.
The unpalatable development which is mostly experienced at the domestic front of air travel usually occurs during periods of adverse weather such as the harmattan haze and rainy season when visibility is reduced below 800 minima, making it difficult for aircraft to take-off or land safely at airports.

Deputy Editor, Abuja

BETWEEN former President Olusegun Obasanjo and incumbent Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, there is a whole lot of difference both in style and performance. While Obasanjo believed in “do-or-die” and professed it openly, Jonathan believes in methodical approach to issues. Obasanjo broached no contrary opinion, if anyone did, that person met his or her waterloo. For the over four years that Jonathan has held forth in the administration of the country, there has not been a single insinuation of state sponsored killings or elimination of persons who belonged to any opposition political party, or persons who hold contrary opinion.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has launched a record 3.1 billion dollars appeal to enable it to help children caught up in a “new generation” of conflicts and disasters round the world.
Afshan Khan, UNICEF Director of Emergency Programmes, said on Monday in London, that the appeal was 1 billion dollar more than it sought in 2014.

“Daesh have made a big error. When you are weakened as they have been, you try to make your supporters think you are strong by being more monstrous, but this time they went too far.”

There was one sentiment that many of the Middle East’s competing clerics, fractious ethnic groups and warring sects could agree on Wednesday: a shared sense of revulsion at the Islamic State’s latest atrocity, burning alive a Jordanian pilot inside a cage.

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