Saturday, September 22, 2018
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The African continent has acquired notoriety in the use of children as soldiers in the various wars and conflict zones which litter the continent.

The call by the National Assembly on President Muhammadu Buhari to urgently address the nation on what the American  would call the state of the union address is very apt, statemanly  and  therefore , should be acceded to and used to let Nigerians know the mind of his  administration on the economy in particular and the general governance system in the country.

The disclosure by the United Nations Education, Scientic and Cultural Organisation UNESCO, that Nigeria has a huge 68.8 million teaching staff gap in its primary and secondary school is worrisome, alarming and unacceptable, and demands that urgent steps be taken by federal and state authorities to close the gap.

Chadian Leader, Idriss Derby was recently inaugurated as President of his country for a record fifth term of another five years. By this ignoble development Derby would have been in power for 31 years when his tenure expires in 2021. Given his age at 69 by then, there is every likelihood that he would seek  re-election, more so, as he had, through a manipulated referendum, abrogated  tenure limits from his country’s Constitution.

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