Monday, September 16, 2019
Home Editorial

The recent inauguration of the National Council on Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises, MSMEs, by President Goodluck Jonathan is a step in the right direction, provided government makes concerted efforts to ensure that enabling environment is created for the smooth operation of this category of businesses in the country.
This proviso is also critical so that the N220 billion being earmarked as support for the programme is to achieve maximum result.

The attacks on some schools in the northern part of the country reinforce calls for governments and other operators of academic institutions in the embattled states to take urgent steps to secure their facilities and safeguard the lives of the children who have become the innocent targets of the mindless killings of the Boko Haram insurgents.

The recently-commemorated World Food Day, once again provided auspicious occasion to reiterate the call on governments at all levels as well as other stakeholders to prioritize provision of food for all, now more than ever before, in the light of the threat posed by hunger to the world generally.
The Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO, an agency of the United Nations, UN, sets aside October 16 every year to raise global awareness on the real danger posed by hunger to the world community and to promote financial and technical collaboration among diverse governments and non-governmental organisations.

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