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There are indications that Nigeria’s inflation that have been managed under single digit may hit double digit before the end of the year going by reactions of market forces to the recent devaluation of the naira by the Central bank of Nigeria (CBN).
Checks by Daily Champion in some major markets in Lagos show sharp increase in prices of beverages, building materials, cosmetics, food itmes, motor parts and all classes of imported goods.

Underwriting firm, Prestige Assurance plc has commenced strategies to expand its business operations as the company opens a  N1.5 billion right issues to enable it strengthen operation and build capacity for big ticket risks.
The insurance company is issuing 3,009.978.524 ordinary shares of 50 kobo at 50 kobo per share on the basis of six new ordinary shares for every five ordinary shares held by existing shareholders as at September 22, 2014.

Brent crude oil fell more than $2 a barrel yesterday to a new five-year low on predictions that oversupply would keep building until next year after OPEC decided not to cut output.
In a report dated Dec. 5, Morgan Stanley said oil prices could fall as low as $43 a barrel next year. The U.S. investment bank cut its average 2015 Brent base-case outlook by $28 to $70 per barrel, and by $14 to $88 a barrel for 2016.
“Without OPEC intervention, markets risk becoming unbalanced, with peak oversupply likely in the second quarter of 2015,” Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Longson said.

By Myron Curry

What’s the drive
What is it that drives employee motivation? More specifically, what is it that causes an employee to WANT to do his or her job? After all, the answer to this question is the key to the motivation of employees and employer happiness. And, even more important than knowing what it is that motivates an employee is whether or not this motivation is something that will cause an employee to go through the motions of doing the job or instill actual desire for a job well done in the employee’s mind.

By Derek Stockley.

In this article, Derek Stokley,  emphasizes the importance of people in organizations and discusses some issues relating to the achievement of high levels of performance for human resources.
Are managers mean?
Many employees seem to think that they are. In training sessions over the last twenty years, in both the public and private sectors alike, I have received some comments criticizing managers for being uncaring, inconsiderate, bombastic or the like.

We already know that employee engagement is a valuable to invest in for the sake of the success of your business, but the full cost of the disengaged employee goes way beyond the dollar. Just how far, you ask? Let’s compare, every workplace will have a mix of engaged and dis-engaged workers, once you understand how to spot them then it will be easier to address the problem.

In the midst of our busy schedules, hardly do we get the time to pursue our favourite hobbies, right? But if you are equipped with good multi-tasking skills, you could turn your hobby into a part-time career. And if you are lucky, your employer will be more than happy to help you in your endeavour.
Rohan Kini started a bikers club. He also organises a lot of bike workshops.


As the price of crude oil continues to tumble at the international market, there is no gain saying that Nigeria’s economy is at risk. What is also certain is that Nigeria need to intensify efforts at diversifying her economy to the extent that revenue from oil will only play complimentary roe as opposed to its current status as the life wire of the nation’s existence.
Only last week, the economic managers reshuffled their calculations based on current realities with the oil benchmark for the 2015 budget been down graded to $65 per barrel.

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