Home Sports ‘You can’t replace 50 goals a season’

‘You can’t replace 50 goals a season’

'You can't replace 50 goals a season'

The reaction among Madrid fans has been one of shock and frustration after a fantastic end to the season. If the Spanish taxman wants him to pay his taxes and he feels mistreated there is not a lot the club can do. You cannot replace 50 goals a season for the past nine seasons. It would be huge if he left Madrid.

It just seems the wrong moment to do this, especially to say it through a Portuguese paper. But it is obvious he feels unfairly treated. He can voice his concerns but the reaction of many supporters is that he should talk to the club instead of talking to the press.

It is unbelievable, most Madrid fans felt like they had a good five years of success ahead of them. The fact that the top scorer seems to be leaving suddenly, out of nowhere, no-one will have expected that.

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