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Cancer: Mrs. Ugbechie needs not more than N2m to stay alive


Living with diseases like cancer can be very challenging to the patient and family members especially in a situation where the bread winner of the house is the one that is down with the ailment.

Such is the situation surrounding the family of Mrs. Oby Ugbechie a native of Aniocha South Local Government Area of Delta State and a mother of two. Her situation is becoming pathetic because help is not coming from anywhere and her treatments have been suspended following the inability of the family to pay the bills for her treatment.

To worsen the situation, her two children ages 14 and eight have long been sent out of school, again following the inability of the family to pay their fees.

Mrs. Ugbechie has gone through series of chemotherapy between January and June of this year. Unfortunately she can a no longer continue because of finance, is calling on well meaning Nigerians to come to her aid in order to stay alive for her children.

At the moment Mrs. Ugbechie is in dare of One million naira to save her life. The amount she said will help her complete the chemotherapy and subsequently go for the surgery.

Speaking with Daily Champion, she said “it has been a difficult task for me and my family and my household, to the extent that we had to sell almost all we have. We also had to raise funds through a sister who has always been by my side through all this temptation, we are also hoping on God to perfect that which he started.

Appealing to well meaning Nigerians for help, Ugbechie said she will appreciate any amount that anyone can give to her, even if it is N1, 000.00, stressing that that will go a long way in helping her stay alive.

In her words, “I am pleading with Nigerians to please help me by contributing so that I can continue the treatment, this is a heart cry of a mother who wants to live and see her children grow. Initially, it was stage four but I am supposed to carry out more tests to know the next line of treatment but we do not have the money to continue.

Narrating her story further, she said “It all started in April last year when I noticed a lump on my left breast, I went to see a doctor who recommended lumpectomy to take out the lump, I was operated upon and found out it was and I found out that it was at stage two. But because I do not have money for the treatment, I then started using herbal treatment and trying to eat healthy.

“It was not easy financially and despite all the money that was spent, I did not get better as my breast got enlarged and I started having a lot of pains. At some point, it became difficult to walk, that was when a sister of mine advised that I go to LUTH for further help and treatment. The report from LUTH showed that it was in stage four and it was getting aggressive, the consultant recommended chemotherapy after which he could cut off the breast.

“From January 16, 2019 till now, I have done seven chemotherapies and have been given a lot of medications which helped me a lot but unfortunately, I was supposed to do the final chemo before the mastectomy, but we do not have money to continue and it is the fear of getting worse and possibly losing my life that is making me to reach out to kind hearted Nigerians to please help me financially, I want to be alive for my children, husband and family, she cried out.

Financial contributions towards the treatment and subsequent survival of Mrs. Oby Ugbechie should be made to DIAMOND ACCESS BANK ACCOUNT NO. 0092048471

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