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Buhari should stop the killings now

The apparent controllable but yet incessant killings of Nigerians under whatever guise can only be acceptable to insane minds. No government anywhere in the world would want to remain in power when it is obvious that it can no longer fulfill its part of the social contract which it entered into with its citizens top of which is the protection of lives and property.

It is even more worrisome when it has to do with a government which campaigned and was indeed voted into power on the promise of ensuring adequate security of the electorate, among other promises.

The present government of President Muhammadu Buhari is perhaps one regime which garnered support and patronage from every section and platform in Nigeria ahead of its coming into power in 2015.  The other person who enjoyed such over whelming patronage of Nigerians in an election is the late business mogul, Chief Moshood  Kashimawo Olawale (MKO) Abiola.

President Buhari  was voted into power in 2015 against the backdrop of the low morale of most Nigerians many of who felt betrayed by the then presumed inability of the leadership of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to bring to halt the clandestine activities of Boko Haram terrorists, who have been wreaking havoc  in the North Eastern part  of the country.

Unfortunately, the wanton killings of Nigerians have taken a nationwide colouration as no day passes without a narration of wave of bloodletting in a manner of a country at war with itself. The calamity that has befallen Nigeria and indeed Nigerians is enough to shut down any responsible government. For the government in power, life in Nigeria should be cheap. For Nigerians, life is now short and brutish.

It is unthinkable that the government of President Buhari could not, after over three years in power, unearth the real and perhaps remote causes of the avalanche of corpses littering the landscape.

Mass burials are fast becoming a way of life in Nigeria. And yet, the government, which has vowed to protect the citizens, is neck deep in a blame game as it cluelessly point at every direction in trying to justify the avoidable killings of innocent but hapless Nigerians.

We are tempted to avoid the assumption which is spreading like wide fire that the cause of the killings in Plateau, Benue, Nasarawa,  Taraba,  Zamfara,  Borno, Adamawa,  Enugu, Edo,  Anambra; and  recently, Imo States, is  due to clashes between herdsmen and farmers over the right of way to farmlands.

We think that the spate of killings is much more than the question of who owns the land among farmers and herdsmen.

But the Federal Government with its might is still  wondering on the rationale behind the killings. It presupposes that there must be a conspiracy theory around the whole issue. It seems President Buhari’s men are no longer sensitive to the pains of Nigerians many of who seek a quick resolution to the spate of massacres.

Let us play the devil’s advocate: Should the government  who have variously and collectively alleged that the rampaging killer squads that have invaded Nigeria must have come from either Libya, Chad, Cameroon, Afghanistan or Sambisa forest not also know that it must deploy all arsenals at its disposal to contain the alleged foreign aggressors?

That is the primary duty of any responsible government. That is the primary duty of President Buhari in his capacity as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federation. But this is contrary to Buhari’s current disposition that Nigerians should not blame him for the killings in the land.

“There is some injustice in these aspersions”, the President had declared while in Jos, the Plateau State capital,  to address the over 100 corps that emanated from the latest militia attacks in 11 communities in the zone.

Statistics show that no fewer than 901 persons were killed by what was described as non-state actors between April  2015 and April this year. This is obviously more than double the number of people America lost in the whole of its 15 years of prosecuting war in Afghanistan.

The present government of the All Progressives Alliance (APC) maybe hapless about the state of the nation whether on the security, economic or social pedestal but Nigerians are obviously not. Nigeria has   a choice to get a President who can guarantee the safety of Nigerians in every part of the country at all times.

How can a government which will be willing to deploy six helicopters, 250 police patrol vehicles, 30,000 police men, five Army Generals, six police AIGs, 300 men of the State Security Services (SSS) and over 165 Armoured Personal Carriers for a governorship election in a state like Ekiti not be able to ward off threats from a rag tag army which operational base and armoury are merely located in the firmament of our imagination.

Buhari’s body language and perceived narrow understanding of the poor security situation in the country is rather perilous. He is president of Nigeria and not that of a section of the country.

The composition of his security architecture and assemblage of personnel from a particular zone should be seriously and urgently addressed.  Those who claim that the security agents in the country have been compromised may have good reasons to justify such claim.

Those who commit treason like members of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria who declared that the killings in Benue and part of Jos were in retaliation of the killing of their cows are allowed to be working freely . Yet, Buhari says he was looking for the killers of innocent Nigerians.

We advise President Buhari to reshuffle his cabinet with immediate effect to enable him bring in fresh minds who would be willing to listen and hopefully too, report to him the true  situation of things in the country for the purpose of taking informed decisions.

We believe that the re-composition of his cabinet would enable him reflect the issue of federal character in the Security Council, a necessity which the President has ignored for too long and at a very great cost to the country.

The worst wrong that President Buhari and his APC government could do to themselves is to ignore the call to find lasting solution to the embarrassingly poor security provision for Nigerians considering that this is an election period.  The economy is not faring any better considering that the Consumer Price Index is not a reflective of the alleged downward trending of inflation rate. Unemployment is at all time high not minding the promise of the creation of millions of jobs annually. Nigeria is bleeding. The country is gasping for breath.

The fear of the Buhari government that it might not remain  in power  post 2019 general election should not be founded in the congregation and amalgamation of political parties but about disgruntled Nigerians many of who are so frustrated that they would want to try any other person as president except Buhari .

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