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Biafra: Nobody can stop me from visiting Lagos –Kanu

Biafra: Nobody can stop me from visiting Lagos –Kanu

.Arewa youths demand IPOB leader’s arrest
Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, has declared that nobody can stop him from visiting Lagos State if he so desires. Kanu spoke yesterday in Umuahia, the Abia State capital, against the background of claims by some individuals that his security is not guaranteed in Lagos as the city is not part of Biafra. There are reports that the Biafra agitator was planning to storm the nation’s commercial city.

The IPOB leader said that his inalienable right of freedom of movement could not be limited by anyone. He said he could not be cowed by threat, as “threats only embolden me.” His words: “I go anywhere I want to go. I don’t listen to threats.

They motivate me rather than dampen my spirit. That thing people say I cannot do is what I love to do. When the time comes I will go to Lagos if I have to.” On whether his rumoured visit to Lagos was by any invitation or only meant to prove his temerity, he simply said: “I am not under obligation to tell you, I have friends with connections in Lagos. “Femi Fani-Fayode is my friend and he is in Lagos. If I try to visit him in Yoruba land, then I must see him in Lagos,” Kanu said.

On the possibility of his being re-arrested for alleged flouting of his bail conditions, Kanu said he was not afraid of being rearrested, adding that such development would only facilitate the actualisation of Biafra.

“If you arrest me, Biafra will come even quicker than we anticipate. I am not afraid of being arrested. I have been there before and if need be, I will also be there again. “I will be very happy if they re-arrest me. If we are hoping for 90 per cent compliance with the boycott of Anambra State Governorship election, my arrest will make the compliance 100 per cent,” he said. Kanu, however, warned that any attempt to re-arrest him could have grave consequences.

“But why will I be rearrested and nobody is going to arrest Tanko Yakasai or Ango Abdullahi because of what they have been say ing? Is it because they are Fulani? They own Nigeria? They are immune to arrest? Is arrest only meant for Biafrans and not for Fulani? “Who will arrest Lawal Daura of DSS for flouting court order to release Bright Chimezie Isinwa of IPOB?

The Fulani say whatever they like and go scot free and nobody holds them accountable because they own Nigeria,” the IPOB leader said. Kanu also denied promoting hate speech contrary to accusations by his critics, arguing that condemnation of the injustices in Nigeria or the agitation for self-rule does not in any way amount to hate speech. “I completely disagree with them. They are the pioneers of hate speech.

Go through the text of speeches made by Ango Abdullahi, Tanko Yakasai or the ones made by one Abubakar. Are those ones not hate speeches? Unfortunately, I blame the deplorable state of education in Nigeria because they don’t know what hate speech is all about.

“Does asking for selfdetermination amount to hate speech? Or asking for referendum hate speech? Where did they go to school? I think they need to invest more in education because self-determination is no way equal to war or hate speech,” he said. Meanwhile, another Northern youth group, Arewa Youth Assembly (AYA), has called for the immediate re-arrest of Kanu.

The group, while protesting in Abuja, yesterday, claimed that the IPOB leader’s unguided utterance and continuous disobedience to court orders was responsible for the quit notice given to the Igbo to leave the North before October 1.

The protesting youths marched from the Unity Fountain, which has become famous as a protest ground, to the National Assembly gate, with the full escort of the police, where they made some of their demands known. Speaking through their leader, Mohammed Danlami, the group stated that Kanu has continued to violate his bail conditions and all the security agents were watching him.

Danlami, who also dissociated his group from the Northern Youth group that issued the controversial quit notice, also accused the IPOB leader of being responsible for the anti-Igbo song that has gone viral on the social media and other platforms.

He also justified the quit notice on the basis that the IPOB leader has continued to create more confusion in the polity through his various anti-government activities. Danlami and his group said that Nigeria’s unity was being threatened by IPOB’s activities.They also urged Acting President Yemi Osinbajo to sack the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris and the Director General of Department of State Services (DSS) for failing to arrest those who issued the quit notice.

“When our effort proved futile, we went ahead to organise another press conference for the re-arrest of Nnamdi Kanu for violating court order such as he should not hold press conference he should not be in the midst of more than 10 people or organise rallies, among others, which we gave the Federal Government an ultimatum of 10 days in order to halt youth agitations, which the Federal Government refused.

“The problem is that until Nnamdi Kanu is arrested, the youth who gave that quit notice will not rescind their decision. The whole issue revolves around Kanu, because, according to them, the chief Biafra agitator is trying to create a new country, which means that he is undermining the sovereignty of Nigeria,” Danlami stated.

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