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Beverages unveil Valmont water brand

Giant Beverages Limited, a Lagos based beverage company, poised to effectively compete in the already saturated table water market in Nigeria, has unveiled Valmont, a super-premium water brand; unique in both content and packaging. The introduction of this premium product is informed by the company’s resolve to ensure that Nigerian brands join the league of internationally renowned brands.
The company, according to its General Manager, Mr. Ayo Afolabi, is travelling this route because of its firm belief that a brand is a mark of quality which is one of the key characteristics of the company.
To this end, the new product, Valmont is produced to attain a super-premium brand status in taste, look and feel. “Our water is produced to the best of international standards. It goes through our ultra-purification processes without being exposed to air until it enters our unique bottles, thus preserving its freshness and purity. It is called ‘Valmont’ for its strong, rich, luxurious and sophisticated background.”
He added that Valmont is natural and produced to accompany fine food and luxurious lifestyle. Its transparent and minimalistic labeling further gives it an extra touch of class which is expected to appeal to discerning consumers who will stop at nothing to enjoy the best that life offers.
In order to make maximum market impact to meet consumers’ varying needs, the product comes in 600ml, 750ml (Sportcap) and 1.5L 100% recyclable plastic bottles. At a later point, it will also be available in750ml glass bottles sold only through high-end restaurants, hotels, international airlines and event outfits.
Throwing more light on the brand, Marketing Manager of the company, Mrs. Bose Ogunyemi pointed out that one of its range comes with an innovation that would be the first in the industry. “Our Sportcap (750ml) is the first in Nigeria and it is suited for on-the-go consumers, it is convenient and would not distract consumers’ from other activities such as driving, walking, etc.
She stressed that Valmont “is a lifestyle brand” that delivers much more than hydration to the consumer. Valmont has the red cap which signifies prestige in Nigeria; it also makes the brand striking and  outstanding. That is the fundamental reason the brand promises prestigious quality and purity.”
Appropriately positioned as a lifestyle brand, it is buoyed by symbolic attributes like sophistication, class, appeal and uniqueness. This wholly Nigerian owned brand with the historic Zuma Rock as its brand iconic symbolism promises to be a market leader as it hits the market.
On why the Abuja situated rock formation was chosen as its brand icon, Mrs. Ogunyemi  noted that “The intrigue of the rock is that it bears a ‘human face’ on its surface, and this for every Nigerian is an ultimate symbol of purity of nature. The freshness and natural purity of this cultural landmark is relatable to our Valmont. This is because our water is fresh and pure from start to finish. More importantly, it signifies that Valmont is a proud Nigerian brand.”

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