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Bauchi: Man kills father inside Mosque

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One Umaru Muhammadu Jauro Ori of  Maltawa Village in Misau Local Government  of Bauchi State has been arraigned by the Bauchi State Ministry of Justice before State High Court  presided over by Justice Aliyu Baba Usman for killing his biological father inside Mosque.

While arraigning the suspect, the Chief State Counsel, Hussein Ishaq Magaji told the court that the accused went in to a Mosque in Maltawa Village and stabbed his father with a cutlass on his head and back .

According to him, as a result of that, he sustained serious injuries and was rushed to the Misau General Hospital where he died the following day from the wounds of the attack.

The offence was said to have been committed contrary to section 221 of the Penal Code.

Hussein said he intended to bring 10 witnesses in their separate statements recorded by the Police during investigation which were attached to the documents before the court.

The younger brother of the deceased 70-year old Umar Mohammed Jatau and younger brother of the accused 26 year old Ibrahim Muhammadu Jauro Ori, stated that the suspect has problem with their father and themselves.

According to the witnesses, the deceased separated their food with his younger brother Ibrahim and he gave each one of them his farm and after he left their village for over 10 months, no one knows his where about s until the day he came and entered mosque while they were praying and stabbed their father on his head and back. The father then fell down.

The witnesses said the accused ran away but the youths in the area pursued him and arrested him and handed him over to the Police, who took the deceased to the Hospital where he died while receiving treatment.

His body was released to the family and he was buried according to Islamic rights.

In his statement the police, the suspect said he has a wife and three children (two males and one female) and he killed his father because his father separated him and his wife when he travelled out to and stayed for a long time. He said since the deceased divorced his wife, presently he has no wife.

Secondly, he said his father separated him and his two brothers. “We are not like before after our father gave each one of us his farms”.

“When I returned, I took machete and entered mosque, stabbed my father on his head and back; he fell down; when I ran away, the youths pursued me and they arrested me.  They beat me mercilessly and injured my right fingers”, he said.

“They took our father to Hospital; he died while receiving treatment.  I don’t kill a human being, I am not an armed robber and this is the first time I killed a human being”, he further said.

The suspect said his brothers sent him away because he once stole a millet stick from their farm and built a wall they said they didn’t agree and there was a time he stole a ram from the neighbouring village.

He pleaded not guilty to all the charges against him and the presiding judge  adjourned the case to August 13, 2018 for hearing.

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