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Arrest Gumi over provocative letter to Jonathan — IYC


IJAW Youth Council, IYC, worldwide has condemned the provocative letter by Dr. Ahmed Gumi on President Goodluck Jonathan and called security agencies to arrest him.
IYC also call on the relevant security agencies to proactively investigate Sheik Gumi’s inciting letter and bring him to justice, saying that it is totally unacceptable for some persons to hide under the umbrella of religion to promote their political interest and in the process waste the lives of innocent Nigerians.
The Kaduna base Islamic cleric had in his open letter to President Jonathan called on Jonathan not to contest the 2015 Presidential election on the ground that his victory would set the country ablaze and that his leadership is biased against Muslims and sectional.
The Ijaw Group further said the allegations by Sheik Gumi against President Jonathan was biased and sectional and are baseless.
Spokesman, IYC, Comrade Eric Omare in a statement said, “it is disappointing for such a letter to be written by a religious leader who ought to be an agent of stabilisation in the country rather than acting as an agent of destabilization”.
IYC insisted that the Islamic Cleric, Sheik Gumi’s letter is solely motivated by political reasons to satisfy his political interest and paymasters. It is a well-known fact that the Islamic religion is the most potent weapon used by northern politicians in mobilising against Christians in the north which has resulted into killing of thousands of innocent Nigerians.
It further accused Sheik Ahmed Gumi, that his letter is deliberately written to prepare the ground for amassive attack on Christians in the Northern part of Nigeria, if President Jonathan wins the 2015 Presidential election.
IYC said, “ The memories of the killing of thousands of innocent Northern Christians and southerners residing in the North in the aftermath of the 2011 Presidential election is still very fresh in the mind of Nigerians.”

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