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APC can’t win governorship election in Anambra

Comrade Chinedu Obidigwe, a former Local Government Chairman; Senior Special Assistant on Youth Mobilization to Political Affairs, currently the Special Adviser to Governor Willie Obiano on Political Matters. In this interview with our correspondent, Nwogha Simeon speaks on a wide range of political issues. Excerpts:
Why do you think His Excellency moved you from Youth Mobilization to Political Affairs?
I will not praise myself; I don’t like doing so; but at the same time, at any point in time, in all the posts that I have held, I delivered in all that I was asked to do. I also have a good political network in Anambra. I know a lot of people. I have the master plan and the political equation of this state. Because I did well in mobilizing youths and women of Anambra State in previous elections where APGA did well; and because the political master plans I suggested were applied and they all worked out well; I believe, that was why I am in this new office.
To what extent did you deliver in your former office as Senior Special Adviser on Youth Mobilisation?
You can recall that I earlier served as a Local Government Chairman under Gov. Peter Obi and then, as a Senior Special Adviser on Youth Mobilisation. Today, I am serving as a Special Adviser on Political Matters. To be honest with you, before I became SSA Youth Mobilisation, the structure of Youths in Anambra State was in total disorder. Meanwhile, as at the time I was leaving the office as SSA Youths Mobilisation, youth’s structure in the state was better articulated and organized. Today, in each of the 326 wards in Anambra State, I can beat my chest and tell you that we have no less than 20 strong and committed youths on ground. If you come to your ward and have twenty United Anambra Youths (UAY) on ground, you know what it implies. Besides, we have Osodieme Women Movement on ground; fifteen members in each ward. I articulated and structured these groups in such a way that, in any election in Anambra that is not marred with irregularities, APGA must win. So, for me, as at the time we were leaving office of the SSA Youths, we had packets of achievements on ground; and our best is still coming.
What would you say that Anambra state gained with the network of youths and women groups you are leading?
You could see it to yourself. The outcome of the recent House of Assembly elections spoke a volume; after they had succeeded in rigging us out in the NASS election, with federal might; we mobilized our structures and networks and, in the Assembly election, with more commitment and doggedness, we achieved results. I mean so far pending the determination of the tribunal, 27 members of State House of Assembly as  against 3 for PDP.
What would you say that the youths you led gained from your leadership, collectively and individually?
To be candid, our Governor, His Excellency, Gov. Willie Obiano, is a good man. He is a man who cares and who understands the importance of youths. The youths, under Gov. Obiano’s administration, have achieved far beyond what they achieved in past administrations. To be frank, I was the only local youth that benefited from the immediate past administration; but today, thousands of youths are benefiting maximally under Gov. Obiano’s government. By the end of his first four years, think of the level the youths will attain under Gov. Obiano. I am happy today that, two-third of serving cabinet members of His Excellence are all youths, and out of the number, I believe that one-third are local youths like me. This is because; Gov. Obiano understands the need for the youths. They are the people that understand the terrain. More is coming!
The problem we have in this country is poor youth empowerment. Today in Anambra, the case is different. It is on record that, in every three months in Anambra, youths trained in one economic field or the other are being graduated from Nnewi incubation centre and Mgbakwu College of Agriculture. Not only that, after the training, they were empowered by the state government to start up on their own and be self reliant. This is what a good administration that thinks about the future of younger generation should do. Anambra State today remains the hope of the younger and future generation, and Gov. Obiano has been on top of the situation, and has been consistent in training crop of leaders who will take over the leadership of this great state and nation in the future. You see what is happening in the economy of states in Nigeria. Anambra is among the few states in the country that is stable economically; not borrowing; yet, paying her workforce regularly.
Anambra State Government has been training the youths in various fields; after the training, what next?
They would be empowered to establish on their own and practise what they were trained to do. The slogan, “Willie is Working” is not a mere joke. It is based on the governor’s antecedent and action packed programmes and activities.
What do you stand to offer in your new office as a political adviser to the governor?
I am happy to have this new assignment. I started this work underground before I was appointed into the office. Even after this office, if I were given any other assignment, I will be up and doing. I will take it up and achieve results.  It is necessary to make moves at the right direction. I carry people along. Venturing into politics is all about carrying people along. My primary assignment is to put up correct and necessary advice to the leadership of this great state on how to salvage situations, carry the citizenry along and offer good leadership.  This is what I am doing for His Excellency. This office gives me the opportunity to go extra miles and meet people and galvanize support for the government of this state under His Excellency. I will use this office to let Anambrarians realise that politics is not a do-or-die affair, and that politics of calumny is not the best. It is important to tell Anambrarians that this state belongs to all of us, and we all have the moral responsibility to reposition it politically. That one is in the opposition party does not mean that such person would not have something good to offer for the political re-orientation of our state. One must be a reasonable opposition. An opposition that proffers workable solution,  not one that offers destructive criticism; so that the person at the helm of affairs would take a right step and make good policies for the betterment of our state. All of us have roles to play to make Anambra a truly light of the nation.
Comment on the recent assertion of the All Progressives Congress in Anambra State that the party would take over Anambra in 2018.
All I want to tell the APC is simple. President Mohammed Buhari is the president of Nigeria, not that of APC. So, nobody or party should claim ownership of Buhari’s government, or assume that the APC candidate, having won Presidential election, would give any individual or group any undue advantage in the politics of this country. That cannot give them any advantage in Anambra. Mind you also that the political structure of APC does not favour the South East, nay the Igboman. Consider how power and offices are shared within APC. How does it benefit an Igboman. On what ground would APC take over Anambra? APGA remains the only formidable political party that has favourable agenda for the people of Anambra, the South East and the entire country. What happened in the last general election was a test case. APC did not win any seat in any South Eastern State not to talk of Anambra. The assertion from Anambra APC leadership on taking over Anambra in 2018 is a mere day-dreaming; a vain claim and an illusion.
APGA is a progressive party that promises lots of goodies for Ndi Anambra through “Willie is Working” initiative. Mind you too, that the same old cabals that were bent in destroying Anambra are still rearing their heads in the APC. Do you think we are safe electing such cabals at the helm of affairs in this state? My opinion is that we need a governor who will change the fortunes of this state; not the one that will hold the state to ransom with fellow cabals.

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