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Another S/court judgment tears Anambra community apart

By Phil Okose ,Onitsha
As the dust is yet to settle on the judgment delivered by the Supreme
court on Imo State gubernatorial election, another Supreme court
judgment is currently tearing three Oba villages, Idemili South Local
Government Area, apart.

The villages involve include, Aboji, Isu and Ogwugwu, all in Oba.
It was gathered that the people of Aboji and Isu first had a prolonged
drawn land dispute and on 18th day of November 1964, judgment was
delivered by the Supreme court in favour of Isu on four large expense
of land called, Isiakobo, Awana Odoakwali, Mkpolo and Ulaogwe.
However, the people of Ogwugwu ,also dragged the Aboji people to
Supreme court over the same land and on the 5th day of August 1994,
obtained judgment against Aboji people.
Funny enough, the people of Isu had Ogwugwu people as witness when the
case between Aboji versus Isu, was pending in court and after
judgement was delivered in favour of Isu, the Ogwugwu people also
brought Isu people as witness against Aboji.
Briefing newsmen on the Supreme court judgment delivered on the same
land but on different dates, in favour of Isu and Ogwugwu villages
against Aboji, the President General of Aboji, Nze Dozie Nweke,
consequently, demanded to know which of the two villages, Isu and
Ogwugwu, would Aboji people be tenants to.
According to him, “since there are two supreme court judgments on the
same land with different dates, which of the judgements do we follow.
Both Isu and Ogwugwu should also bring their plan of the land to know
who we are tenants to”.
“We can not be tenants to two land lords. Two different judgments were
delivered on same land, so which of them do we follow. Is it the one
of 1964 or that of 1994.”
He therefore warned his Aboji people not to apend their signature in a
document currently circulating the community purported to have been
prepared by Hon. Chuba Oranusi, demanding that the Aboji people should
sign it to indicate that they are tenants according to the Supreme
court judgment.
He described the document and The name, Umueze Ogwugwu, instead of
Ogwugwu, as fraud warning, “any indigene of Aboji that signs that
document would be sanctioned, it is null and void and of no effect”.
“More over, a Peace Committee set up by the Regent of Oba community,
Prince Noel Ezenwa, and headed by former President General of Oba
Community, Chief Ben Chibueze, for peaceful settlement of the land
dispute, is currently looking into the matter with a view to finding a
lasting solution to the Supreme court judgment and as such, all should
wait until the committee concludes its work and comes up with a
Contacted, the Peace committee chairman, Chief Ben Chibueze, confirmed
that the committee is looking into the matter.
In a swift reaction when contacted, Hon. Oranusi reiterated that, he
was acting on the judgment on behalf of Isu and Ogwugwu villages who
won the case.
His words, “we will push them (Aboji people) out if they refuse to
sign the document. They should obey the court judgment, if they are
not interested in signing the document, it is left for them”.
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