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Anambra: Uba, Nwoye, other defectors won’t get APC ticket – Moghalu


National Auditor of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and a governorship aspirant in Anambra State, Chief George Moghalu, has said that the party won’t make mistake of giving the party’s ticket to some aspirants who newly joined the party for sake of becoming governor.

Moghalu, who was the first to purchase Expression of Interest and Nomination forms on Tuesday at the party’s National Secretariat, promised to conduct Local Government election within six months if given opportunity as governor.

Addressing newsmen, Chief Moghalu dismissed insinuations in some quaters that the recent Supreme Court Judgement will determine where the pendulum swings to at the Anambra governorship election.

“For me, democracy is vibrant when you have a vibrant opposition and I had said it in many fora that the dividing line between the opposition and the party in government when it comes to governance or when it comes to have stake in the process is like a line between a gentleman and an idiot, they sit alike, they don’t talk, they cross their legs, they are quite, you can assume one to be the other.

“Now, when you have two, the party in government and the party in opposition in the process, it is the people that benefit if the opposition is vibrant, because, one, with a vibrant opposition, the party in government lives up to its responsibility and all promises made are kept.

“So, the two of them are in government. One is in government to ensure that all promises made are kept and the other one is in government to ensure that promises made themselves are okay and if the promises are kept, who benefits? it is the people, for me, as a politician, I welcome the vibrant opposition; the ruling for PDP is a welcome development.”

Speaking about defectors seeking the party’s ticket with him, Moghalu said: “You started by calling them defectors and that is exactly what they are, and it would be out of place for me to build a house for another to occupy. So, we welcome them, we agreed they should come but when you come, you join the queue. You can’t come to displace those who are there because this house, we laboured to build it.

“Despite the challenges, despite the criticisms, we were called names. People never gave us a chance but today, the story is different and it will be most unfair even before God and man that we would build for another to occupy.”

On the yet to be conducted Local government election in Anambra state, Chief Moghalu said: “I want to give you an assurance that under APC leadership in Anambra, there will be local government election, if I am in charge within the first six months.

“The truth about it is that none holding of election for Local Governments is a sale point of corruption because what yo have is that you find yourself in situation where you divert the resources that are built to the various Local Governments, you control it yourself, at times you give them stipends. That’s not what it should be and that is not what is framers of our constitution intended to be. We have third tiers of government and we must encourage third tier of government to survive because it is the nearest to the people.”
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