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Allen Onyema: Portrait of commitment to selfless

AIRPEACE must thrive in peace !

“In spite of his wealth which he uses generously for the benefit of people without regard to gender, language, religion or ethnicity, Chief Onyema, is a successful lawyer in his own right and remains humble and easily approachable”

AS South Africa grants Air Peace approval for commercial flight into J’Burg
“Man is at his best when he is doing his best at what he likes doing best”. Aristotle
This quote succinctly describes the life of Chief Allen Onyema. Chief Onyema is the founding Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Air Peace Airline, one of Nigeria’s biggest carriers.

Fortified by his deep personal commitment to the dignity of labour, Chief has been striving to ensure that he continually puts smiles on humanity.

Those who said that there are indeed multiple rewards for hard work must have had Onyema in mind.When Onyema compelled Air Peace aircraft to take to the skies for the immediate home coming of Nigerians who were confronted with unjustifiable hostilities by South Africa and her citizens, little did he realize that he was about to fly his company into fortunes. Now hear this:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to inform that the South African Government has granted request for the Nigerian Designated Airline, Air Peace to commence commercial flights to Johannesburg, South Africa.
The confirmation was granted in the process of ascertaining the level of implementation of the Bilateral Air Service Agreement (BASA) between Nigeria and South Africa at the Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) of the 9th Session of the Nigeria/South Africa Bi-National Commission Summit in Pretoria, South Africa on Friday , September 27 2019.

The proprietor of Air Peace Airlines, Allen Onyema has also confirmed that the airline would commence operation as soon as possible to promote air travel between Nigeria and South Africa For bringing back Nigerians that faced xenophobic attacks by South Africans’ Onyema has shown that he is a good man with the heart of gold.

No wonder many Nigerian and leaders have congratulated him for this otherwise noble act and are calling on the federal government to honour this great Nigerian and outstanding son of our great country with a national honour. Onyema’s character and actions epitomize the true face of patriotism and nationalism – an honest one. .

This is not the first time this great man has engaged in selfless service. It was in the University of Ibadan that his appetite for peace made him lead a group of nine other students to travel to the ancient city of Zaria to quell a raging religious and ethnic riot that claimed lives. As a result of the publicity he and his colleagues received on return to their campus, their enthusiasm grew and this led to the formation of a group is known then as Eminent Friends’ Group – a group formed with the objectives of promoting ethnic harmony amongst Nigeria’s diverse ethnic nationalities and fighting the incidence of violence of all forms in our nation.

Also, on graduation from the University in 1987, he established branches of the Organization in all the States of the Federation. While in the Nigerian Law School in 1987, he combined his studies with social activism bothering on engendering peace in Nigeria.

Allen Onyema as National Chairman of the Foundation for Ethnic Harmony in Nigeria (FEHN ) in conjunction with a team from the University of Rhode Island, Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies has trained Niger Delta militant youth. Thus, they have been conducting nonviolence training for Niger Delta militants since 2006, Onyema was appointed to the Executive Board of The Global Nonviolence Conference Series Inc. USA with notable world leaders as Hon. Dr. Andrew Young and Suarez Ramos as members. By this appointment which was confirmed on April 2007, he became the second African ever to be so appointed to the Global Board.

As a matter of fact, the House of Representatives was the first to recommend him to the Federal Government for higher honours in Nigeria.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila, also, extended the commendation of the House of Representatives to Mr. Onyema, for offering free air services to the Federal Government in the evacuation of Nigerians

The lawmakers gave Onyema a standing ovation when called upon to address them.“You have brought tears to my eyes again. I have never been so honoured in my life,” Onyema said in the opening of his speech

The leaders and people of Ihiala Local Government Area (LGA) in Anambra State described Chief Onyema, as one of the greatest ambassadors of the LGA ever.

The member representing the Ihiala Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Mr Ifeanyi Momah; the member representing Ihiala 1 in the Anambra State House of Assembly, Mr. Chidi Udemmadu; the Transition Chairman of the LGA. Mr. Greg Okafor; and Chairman of the Anambra South Senatorial Council of Traditional Rulers, Igwe Emmanuel Nnabuife who is also Traditional Ruler of Isseke in Ihiala LGA as well as, leaders observed that Chief Onyema’s commitment to a life of public good has brought so much goodwill and honour to the people of his local government area.

The leaders commented that `In spite of his wealth which he uses generously for the benefit of people without regard to gender, language, religion or ethnicity, Chief Onyema, is a successful lawyer in his own right and remains humble and easily approachable.

To them he socializes with the mighty and the downtrodden, dining with the poor and dancing with villagers at local meetings. He participates actively in local functions where he frequently admonishes the young never to give up despite the vicissitudes of life.

Obviously, today, Onyeama stands tall as a true Nigerian from the southeast. His love for humanity stands him out as an uncommon Nigerian leader and patriot. He is without question a farsighted entrepreneur Nigerian who has over the years been working quietly to assist all kinds of people, particularly the needy.

For a better society

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