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Alleged N7bn bribe to CAN: Dikwa’s apology not enough – Bishop Idahosa

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Over one year after his allegation that former President Goodluck Jonathan, allegedly gave out N7 billion to the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), to facilitate his reelection, controversial Executive Director of the Voice of Northern Christian Movement (VNCM), Pastor Kallamu Musa Dikwa, recently sparked fresh controversy when he purportedly apologised to those he defamed.
Specifically one of those Dikwa had accused of benefitting in the largesse, Pastor Bosun Emmanuel, who disclosed this in Abuja, during a press briefing, claimed that Dikwa apologised to the President of CAN, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor; General Overseer of Living Faith Worldwide aka Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo and Secretary, National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF), Pastor Bosun Emmanuel.
However, in this interview with Daily Champion Correspondent CLEMENT EMMANUEL, the General Overseer of God First Ministries International Inc. (Illumination Assembly), Bishop Isaac Idahosa insists that Dikwa’s apology is not enough. He speaks on other current issues. Excerpts:

As a staunch member of CAN, what is your view on the recent apology by Dikwa?
Yes, he did make an apology but the question is, why now? Is not enough for him to apologize. What really happened? What did he stand to benefit? What instigated him to cook up story? Who gave him the push to concoct such a huge amount of lies? Is not enough for him to come and say am sorry but this thing must be definitely checkmated to avoid a repeat because when you begin to defame the character of the umbrella body of a Christian body of Nigeria, the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN is not a very small allegation.
Forgiveness can be granted but apology is not enough.  And we must all in the spirit of not wanting such thing to happen, story without basis and so many other people embraced it as though it was profiting to the body of Christ or to the nation at large.
For a part of the body to rise up one morning and begin to speak what he doesn’t knows about or just to run down the body, it should be revisited by appropriate bodies.
What effect do you think this would have had in the lives of people who had so much trust in men of God?
Those who in a hurry brought the idea and began to wag their mouth and accepted the fact that N7 billion was collected by the body of Christ and the fathers of faith in Nigeria and the likes of my own spiritual father (Papa Ayo Oritsajafor) must learn not to jump at issues. Let us find out matters and be able to pray for one another in love. Love does not hold the account of evil, love is not easily provoked. That is why you see the way they responded, that is how fathers should respond to issues maturely. Why? Nothing of such happened. Today you see other body of Christ fighting, saying all manners of things accepting the fact that yes they did collect N7billion and they came out clearly that we didn’t, so we should be able to get to the level where we will be able to trust our leaders because they have proven tried and tested over time and am not sure any of them would want to soil their hard earn name and integrity because of N7billion that never was. And to those who believed in them, they will now see dividends of believing in the leadership of Christendom. We must learn all the time to find out matters before we arrive at conclusion.
It is   obvious from what   we   hear every day   that   a   lot   of   people   think   this administration of President Muhammadu Buhari is slow; that there are things they believe  should be done before now that have not be implemented. Do you think this present administration is slow?
Slow and steady wins the race. That you are slow does not mean you are not moving, only that you are not moving at the pace of people’s expectation. Nigeria is a country that lacks a whole of patience, we want things in a hurry. I will say that we must be able to put policies in place that will really affect the common man in Nigeria and we must look inwardly to ensure that the right people are put in place in  right places hence we are going to have idealogy that don’t produce progress. We must allow those who are capable to do them else is one of those things that will stampede the speed anticipated.
What is the way forward for this nation?
We must learn to dialogue. Especially, one of   the ways   forward is if the constitutional conference that was held last year can be taken into consideration by the Federal Government it will go a long way to solving the present issues and future issues. We must see Nigeria as our country to love it and love leadership in the sense of standing in the gap to pray for the leadership because there are no perfect leaders anywhere. There is something about leadership. Until you are there, you don’t understand fully what you are about to face. To lead 180 to 200 million people is not a joke. Once you are a president, you are no longer a party’s president but a Nigerian president. That means you must set out formulae to ensuring that everybody benefits from the administration whether they are Christians and Muslims or whatever religion we practice.
Sir, tell us about your fourth coming programme?
It is called “Night of a Thousand Times More” holding on Friday 1st of April 2016, 11pm at the church auditorium at God First Ministries Inc. (Illumination Assembly) and we have the likes of Yinka Ayefele, Sammie Okposo, I Go Die, Akpororo, Praise Machine in attendance. The reason   for   this   programme  is   to   pray  for  unity among Nigerians, asking   God   for restoration a thousand times more. The reason why we are bringing guests artistes is to worship God together.
Sir, to add to the program you are organizing next week, why do you think some gospel artistes leave their church to write worldly lyrics?
One, in the quest for fame and money they tend to think that when they step out of the church they will make money faster. I would advise strongly that the church should embrace their own and create a platform to help them become what they want to become right in Church else they can be enticed to join the world system.
As a worshipper that you are, what is the essence of worship in the body of Christ?
As mighty as God is, there is one thing he cannot do. God cannot worship Himself. We are subjects of worship created to worship God. The bible says in the Book of Revelation 4:11 that God has created all things for His pleasure. Worship is not just singing but conduct. Obedience to the word of God is worship- sacrifice. When God told Abraham to take Isaac to mount Moriah to sacrifice him, at a point Isaac asked, where are we going? And Abraham replied, we are going yonder to worship. Going the extra mile is worship. Living a life pleasant to God is Worship. Lifting up holy hands, and the essence of Worship is to bring glory to God.

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