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A Director once stopped our shooting for purpose of sex —Marho Ehama

Marho Ehama is one of the ambitious, aspiring young Nigeria Actresses who had some lofty ideas about the acting profession. She had been dreaming to be like Genevive Nnaji, Omotola Ekehinde, Mercy Johnson and few other female top stars. The pretty girl along the line had to see how she could make her dream come through. Ehama had to try by enrolling for a formal training in PEFTI, where she was given all the hopes. Disturbingly, it turned out not to be so. She had to move into Nollywood, where she confirmed what some fellow actresses might have gone through to become stars. In this interview with IFECHI OKOH, she bares her harrowing experiences before she finally met Zeb Ejiro, the Godfather director/producer who gave her succour and hope. Excerpts:
Why your choice for acting of all professions?
From childhood, I have been admiring good actors/actress anytime I saw them doing their thing on the screen. Since then too, they have been inspiring to join them. That has made me to be looking forward with eagerness to garb the slightest opening to join the fray.
What practical steps did you take to make your age-long dream come true?
The first I took was to seek out where there were conditions where I did my best. I took part in some of them. But each time, I notified that producers were only interested in giving girls who sleep with them a waka pass roles. This kind of thing along the line finally but me – off. Aside from wanting to sleep with some of them, they collect money from some who had it. But since I hate to do any I decided to seek for alternative sources, it was during this tune that the golden to attend Wale Adenuga’s pencil and Film Institute (PFTI), Lagos arrived itself. There, then promised us heaven on earth during my 3 month certificate course. But nominally, we ended up playing “Waka Pass” roles, which was against the star roles they promised us. We were utterly disappointed and disenchanted. As a result, we had to start going out to hunt for roles. Along the line, bumped into the sex for role situation I had always detested and afforded deliberately. It was during one of the shootings of a movie, which I did two scenes before the director came suddenly and ordered that we should stop the shooting, informing us that we would continue the shooting at night. And really, we did. But disturbingly, the director came and halted our shooting, insisting that if we are to continue, the girls should be ready for real sex with him. Expectedly some of the girls went in for the fun with our director, while very few refused. I was one of them. I had to leave with another unlucky male fellow student. It was after 12 midnight, but we had to risk it by leaving. However, we were lucky to get destinations. After that nightmare, I kept trying all channels which might provide me the opportunities possibilities of continuing with my acting stride. Along the way, the facebook did as I bumped into top producer/ Director, Zeb Ejiro who I saw in seven, different places. That is 1-7 places. This really confused me as I did not know the real one.
What did you do to confirm the real one?
All I did was to start from the first one. Finally, it turned out to be the real one. Although, I had not believe initially and I showed Ejiro this. He was shocked that after all the pains he took to assure me that I know I was in trouble. So I apologized and this ended it all as he asked me for my number with which he called me later.
May i know what impression you finally had when met ejiro and the way he related?
Honestly, I never knew there is a celebrated Producer/Director like Zeb Ejiro with integrity and self respect. Imagine some unknown producers and directors who seized to their first time meeting opportunity to harass me sexually. Can you imagine that kind of scandalous disposition? How I wish every of these guilty producers/directors could take their cue from the noble example Ejiro had laid in my relationship with him. It is high time, they learnt. Truly, enough of this Jankara lust they have been displaying because, they are used to it.
Has your meeting him fetched you any role in one of his productions?
Oh yes! I am in his yet to be shot production, titled “Merciful.” Its shooting will start at the end of this month.  I am expected to play the role of the daughter to Segun Arinze, known as the “Black Arrow” in movie circle.
Can we say this is the beginning of good things to come?
Yes! It is really in all its ramifications. No more straying into the hands of sexually inclined directors and producers who want sex at all cost. Ejiro, I must confess is a God sent Producer/Director. I will continue to bless God for this after 8 years of struggling and frustrations from the so-called Producers/Directors.
What are your reservations about nollywood as an industry?
One pitiable impression that I have since had a bunch of Producers/Directors have no integrity and self respect, hence their indecent disposition. But with my meeting Zeb, I am beginning to have re-think that they might be some self respecting Director/Producers in Nollywood afterall.

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