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The Lord’s Chosen members ’re in covenant of longevity —Muoka


General Overseer of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Church, Pastor Lazarus Muoka has said that members of the church are in covenant of longevity with God.
He said that no member of the church would die before his or her time as a result of the covenant he has with God, stressing that God who has the overall power is operating in the Church.
“We have been enjoying this protection within and outside this country,” he said.
He also explained that miracles were frequent occurrence in the church because of God’s presence in the church.
Muoka made these declarations while preaching to the crowd that attended the recently concluded programme of the church entitled, “‘God has the power to do this or that,” which held at the Chosen Revival Ground, Ijesha, Lagos.
The cleric while recalling God’s interventions in the lives of those who came to the church with different problems said that God had not disappointed such people irrespective of the magnitude of such challenges.
He said, “We have heard so many testimonies indicating that God almighty can do all things. There are testimonies of those who died and rose again after prayers were made for them. There are also those whose wombs were removed by the doctors but God gave them brand new wombs. One of them already has three children now.
“There are those who were imbeciles; hunchbacks and those with kidney failures; others had no private parts but on coming to this church, new organ were created and they were made whole. Drug addicts and prostitutes have been transformed and they are now holy people. Those who were very poor have been made millionaires. Delay in marriages, barrenness, deaf and dumb had been healed,” he said.
“There is nothing that God has not done in this church. There are so many testimonies. The lady that was mad for eight months was restored after my declaration that people will be set free. The spirit of insanity drove her out of the house but today, she is restored and she gave the testimony herself.”
Muoka assured the worshippers that whatever problem that brought them to the church would be taken care of by the same God.
The cleric, said that as the owner of power, God can do all things. “No one can limit God or his power because he is the unlimited God. He has the power to take away all your problems. God is the owner of power. His power brings blessings, healings and prosperity. His power kills and makes alive, his power has no limitation. If God wants to make one rich, he can make one rich, if he wants to make you prosperous and long life to fulfill your years, he can do it because he is not acting on borrowed power, he is the owner of power.”
Some of the testimonies that elicited jubilation from the worshippers during the service were that of Mr. & Mrs. Paul Azodo, the parents of Baby Somtochukwu Joy Azodo whose arrival marked the end of 16 years of the couple’s barrenness and that of Sister Ukamaka, a mother  of three who testified how God used Pastor Muoka to heal her of insanity.
Azodo, in his testimony, said, “I did not complain, I was doing the work of God, remembering what God said that if you serve him, that he will service you. I married as a believer and today, my story has changed. I had nothing when I joined the Lord’s Chosen but today, I am well known. I am having about four countries that are bringing goods for me; in addition, more goods are coming from America.”

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