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My God will heal any sickness —Chidi Anthony

Please Sir, tell us about yourself?
My name is Rev. Chidi Anthony, the General overseer of Kings in Christ Power Ministries International, Jubilee Close, Ago palace way, Okota, Lagos Nigeria.  I have branches in Ogun and Abia states, Ivory-Coast, South Africa and Italy.
My being alive today is a big testimony and a miracle because whenever I try to imagine how a stranger I have never ever seen in my entire life, could come and tender the documents of his landed property just for me to be released from prison, I marvel. Even people that knows you very well, might not even agree to be your guarantor if you are looking for a job, let alone a total stranger coming to tender something very precious to him, just for me to be free, only very few people can do that for you even if they know you, but such happens out of God’s divine intervention.
What that stranger did to save my life is what only your biological parents can do for you, he did it without fear that I might run away after affecting my release. Only God can do that for a man in a strange land. I was arrested in Abia State, the state terrorized so much, that if you must hold anything, must come and settle me, or else it will not hold.
I was taken to from Abia State to Benue State, a state a knew nobody, but God miraculously directed that young man to come and save my life, and after releasing me from prison, I never saw him again till date, I just wish I could see him, if not for anything, at least to thank him for allowing God to use him to save my life.
Sir, the media is very vital when you are holding a programme of great magnitude, what medium of advert are you employing to make sure that people get to know of “ greater than the pool of Bethsaida”?
I thank you very much. I have jingles that will soon be on Cool F.M Radio, NTA, and so on and right now some BRT buses have been branded with the advert of the programme. We have some of them in the Cele- Ikotun route and some in Oshodi-Sango route, we are also planning a massive advert with Champion Newspapers, the programme is a very important one because it takes place, just once in a year, so we want to give it every medium of publicity it deserves because lots of people need healing and deliverance from the afflictions of the devil.
There are a lot of people in the hospital today, medically, they have been condemned, the doctor have told them that nothing can be done concerning their case, they are just counting days and waiting for death to come, if you know such people bring them for the programme, there is nothing that is beyond the almighty God, he told me that no matter the kind of sickness or diseases that one brings to the programme, the blood of Jesus will cure it; go to the hospitals and tell them, that there is hope for them; the blind will see, the lame will walk, the deaf will hear again.
Sir, why did you choose to hold the programme just once in a year when healing and deliverance should be a regular thing in any living church, does that mean that anybody who does not get his or her miracle in this year edition, will have to wait till next year?
I hold this programme once in a year because that was what Jesus told me when he appeared to me; he told me to hold it just once in a year that whatsoever ailment anybody comes with to the programme will be cured. It is a divine order so I have to obey. That does not mean that healings and miracles does not take place before or after the programme, in fact, miracles happen all the time in my church.
Last Sunday a woman that is into business recovered all the money that her customer owed her right there in the service. I was preaching and God ministered her case to me, he told me that the woman was rich but a major customer of hers is holding her fortune, the customer is owing her a lot of money and she has refused to pay, but I told her that if I be a man of God, this very service will not end and she will get credit alert, behold the next 10 minutes the woman came rolling on the altar and showing me that the money has been paid.
A young man that was poisoned by his cult members because he wants to leave the fraternity also vomited the poison they put in the mail drink he took right there in the church. Miracle means nothing to my members because they have seen a lot of them. I hold miracle service every Thursday with this; I have time to attend to the issues affecting my people.
Every Sunday service in my church is a super Sunday. I take out time to attend to the problems of my people. God gave me the gift of power for miracles and sign and wonders, it is my area of calling. Jesus Christ said that if we believe, that we will do greater thing than the ones he did.
God manifests his power through his servants all over the world. The devil must know that God is the master of the game and he is still in the business of doing miracles as he did in the time of old. We must know that he is the same God that divided the red sea, the same God that made fire friendly to the 3 Hebrew children; he can do all things because all power both in heaven and on earth belong to him.
Sir, I can see that you have a guest minister from the North that is very interesting, please sir, can you tell us more about him?
His names are Emmanuel Daniel Valentine, he is a great prophet from Kaduna state and I must tell you that he is in “Greater than the Pool of Bethsaida” on merit. I never knew before, he ministered in my friend’s church; Glory Restoration Assembly here in Nigeria, he preached in the branch of the church in South Africa, God used him greatly in South Africa, his host wanted him to stay longer, but he insisted on coming back to Nigeria. I invited him to come preach in my church, he won the heart of my congregation, to be very sincere, I was equally moved, that was how he earned himself a place in the programme.
What is your expectation from invited guest?
I will start from the guest gospel singers, Chinedu Nwadike will be at “Greater than the Pool of Bethsaida” he is a very popular gospel singer, he has a very strong followership, his first album was a big hit and since then he has been consistent he moves the congregation when he sing and people love him. His presence at the programme will equally help spice the event Praise Machine is a popular name in Lagos, almost every  pastor in Lagos know’s him, his big nature does not after his performances on stage he is a good dancer and he carries the congregation along; Vivian Ejiofor is another excellent singer, she is my daughter and the head of my choir, she moves me with her song, she is wonderfully gifted and I strongly believe that in a very short time, people all over will get to know her the combination of these three spectacular gospel singer will definitely yield desired results.

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