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Celebrations in Lagos as Ayodele marks birthday


Indeed, the title ‘Prophet’ has been distorted in this present day but there are still a handful of men through whom God still speaks. These are normal persons who reveal hidden messages from God.
Primate Ayodele Founder/ Spiritual Head of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Lagos who marks his birthday today is among those prophets whose many prophecies have recorded high degree of accuracy in different spheres of the nation.  Although, Ayodele has not been accorded his full recognition in this nation, he is not giving up on Nigeria, while the nation’s leaders are yet to appreciate him; he is a household name among the downtrodden that have seen him as their benefactor.
To the widows and orphans, Ayodele’s name is akin to that of the biblical Amos which means “burden-bearer.”   He is a benefactor to the widows and father to the fatherless but for the religious and political leaders; he is the lonely voice that has refused to keep quiet in the midst of disorder, misrule and oppression even to the detriment of his life.
Ayodele bears the burden of widows and other less privileged members of the society through his ministry, from time to time; and during festivities, he puts smiles on their faces and gives them hope.
His philanthropy cut across the religion, schools both private and public schools have benefitted from his largess, youths from different church denominations, the Nigeria Police Force, Immigrations, Nigerian Prison Service, Artisans, some Islamic groups among others have in one way or the other received different supports from Ayodele.
During the last Christmas celebration, widows, orphans and other less privileged members of the society from different parts of Lagos were provided with special Christmas package, they smiled home with bags of rice, vegetable oil, live chickens and beverages.
For the past 25 years, Ayodele has been publishing his book of prophecies , “Warning to the Nations: A  divine signal through which he relays the mind of God concerning different issues, he also proffers solutions on what should be done to avert calamities.
In the book, “Warning to the Nations,… (A collection of divine signal)’, most of the contents of the yearly  book and his prophetic advice on how to avert them were left unheeded until their eventual manifestation, some of which end results were loss of lives and property.
And in recognition of his charity, prayer, councelling and exemplary life-style people from across the nation will today converge on the Achievers’ Cathedral the headquarters of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church to celebrate the special prophet of God who has many of his prophecies  been fulfilled
Sunday Champion recalls some of Ayodele’s recent prophecies below:
“The President will fight the corruption war to a point that the war will lose its steam but some people will be sent to jail. Some people that surround the president and chieftains of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) will be indicted for corruption. The Harributton scandal will be revisited but the president will not do much about it. I also see a situation whereby the present government may want to take the corruption war to every level but the war won’t be sustained. Although he will fight corruption better that the previous administrations but at a stage, he will be scared of the corruption issues.
“Buhari’s government will be challenged in the manner that the corruption issues are being handled. The present administration will get it wrong in the corruption fight and this will also affect his government. There are some big fish that the present government will not touch in its campaign against corruption. Buhari’s government may want to rubbish ex-President Goodluck Jonathan in the process of corruption war and this move will lead to crisis. Buhari wants to make names in the corruption war but he should seek the face of God if he must get it right.
“The efforts of the man at the helms of affairs of the economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) will not be appreciated. His moves will be hindered. Some politicians will influence the EFCC and use it as the tool to rubbish political enemies. The anticorruption agency will like to improve in the so many ways in fighting corruption in their own level but it will lose some of the national support that it had enjoyed previously.
“On security, President Buhari must not depend on America. America is the cause of our problems today; I am talking as a prophet and not a politician. If the Federal Government is waiting for America to end terrorism in Nigeria, America will not do it. The Nigeria Army cannot win the Boko Haram war alone unless they include the Air force and deploy satellite to fight the terrorists, if they are thinking that the land troop will win the battle, they are mistaken, it won’t be possible without the Air Force.
“Besides, they have not got to the point where the Boko Haram can be eliminated because they can be found in so many places including among the political parties. If we are not careful terrorism has come to stay in Nigeria, I am not talking about only the Boko Haram. I am saying this because they are trying to infiltrate the South West, South South and the South East. They will be using suicide bombers in different parts of the country so we should be very vigilant in the coming year. Apart from Boko Haram, international terrorists are here and another sect which is coming out very soon also has its link in Nigeria.  It is wrong for the government to say that it is fighting Boko Haram, instead, they should know that they are fighting terrorists and not just the Boko Haram. Didn’t the Chief of Army Staff and Chief of Defence Staff get their intelligence report properly; Nigerian is fighting terrorism and not just the Boko Haram. Apart from that, I see cases of corruption emanating from the Army.
“Let’s pray against unexpected fire outbreaks in some major places. More tanker explosions will occur in the year so we should pray against it. I see fire outbreaks in some markets especially in Ibadan and Onitsha; we should be very careful and watchful.
“We have to pray so that we don’t witness any death in the NFF, we need to pray to avert the death of any of our prayers in field of play. We should pray against stampede in any of the African nations like Egypt, Tunisia and South Africa.
“The government will want to reposition the health sector but doctors will go on strike in some states while some states will collapse economically as such states will be unable to move on economically. Some states will continue to borrow for survival because of our economic situation. States will be looking for bailout within and outside the country.
“The militants will regroup and bomb the pipelines so care must be taken to avert this, the amnesty allowances cannot be sustained and paid as at when due by the government and this will create tension in the polity as the former militants will go on rampage.
Apart from this, we must be very careful in the move to privatize some of our refineries. Fuel prices will not be as stable as expected during the year. New seaports will emerge during the year.”
On the political turf, he prophesied,  “If the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) fails to go back to the source and put its house in order, many things will go wrong in that party because many of the PDP governors will decamp to the All Progressives Congress (APC). They should go and make peace with some of their founding fathers, leaders and benefactors.
“The APC will also have some problems to contend with, there will be some cracks in the APC. The party will not be able to meet up with some of the promises that it made because the Nigerian economy is bad and I don’t see it improving during the year. We should against the total collapse of Nigeria. But in later time, Nigeria can no longer remain one nation.
“APC may not continue to hold sway as a leading political party because a northern party is coming. The Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) is still very much alive. It will be revived because the North wants to take over the nation’s politics and there will breed pockets of problems among the minorities. There will be political crisis in most part of Nigeria. Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State should not dump the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) for either APC or PDP, if he does that, his political future will crash, he may not win the second term in office. Obiano should remain in APGA.
Ondo 2016 election, PDP is look at someone like Saka, I see the Secretary to the state government and one commissioner, if the PDP settles for any of these, it will be a good outing for the party. On the APC, Akeredolu or Borofice may be the acceptable choice. However, PDP is going astray in Ondo State and this will cost Olusegun Mimiko a lot of headache. PDP may not get Ondo State unless there is divine intervention. But I see a stalemate in the elections in some parts.
In Kogi State, Faleke must pray and seek God’s face in order to triumph in the court, else Alhaji Yahaya Bello will be the governor but his reign will witness so many difficulties, it won’t be easy for him as the Governor of Kogi State. They will trouble him. Abubakar Audu’s death is more of political than natural.
“Nigerians should pray fervently for the peace of the nation, the first 14 days should be devoted to prayers for the wellbeing of the nation. We need to pray to God to stabilize Nigeria so that w don’t see crisis here and there during the year because I see protest by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC). The NLC’s leadership should be prayerful so that they won’t be involved in accidents during the year. I can see a dispute between NLC and government.
“We should pray against the death of an elder statesman, we need to also pray that one of the governors will not be involve in an accident, our lawmakers should pray because it is not all the senators and House of Representative members state assembly speakers will finish their terms.  We have to pray against death among our legislators. There are still challenges before Senate President Bukola Saraki because money will cause problems in the Senate and the House of Representatives. There is still some political price to pay by Saraki. Some of Buhari’s ministers will be indicted.

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