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2023 presidential poll: Zoning not an option for APC—Organizing Sec

.Says APC ’ll be stronger after Buhari


Ahead of the 2023 general election, the All Progressives Congress (APC) has said that zonal arrangement will not be the major priority in the selection process of its presidential candidate since zoning is not stipulated in the party’s constitution.

The party also said that the end of President Muhammadu Buhari’s tenure as the president in 2023 will not affect the electoral successes of the party in future elections.

The National Organising Secretary of the APC, Barrister Emma Ibediro in a chat with the media in Abuja said the party will go for the best candidate and will not allow ethnicity to play any role on its selection pattern.

He said, “I will tell you that the constitution of our party is very simple on the modalities for the emergence of candidates of the party. I can tell you that zoning is not the number one priority in APC constitution on the emergence of party candidates.

“The constitution stipulates among other things that the candidate must be a member of the party. We should also continue to deemphasise ethnicity in our selection of political leaders in this country. We should rather go for the best person for the country. To nail the question, zoning is not stipulated in the constitution of the APC.

“I think we should for now deemphasise this obsession for 2023 especially now that all the political parties seem to be united in finding ways to curb the world health pandemic affecting this country. We should know that it is only when we survive the pandemic that we should start to talk about politics of 2023.”

While also reacting to what will be the fate of the party after the tenure of President Buhari, the National Organising Secretary said, “I am very aware that President Buhari has urged party members to ensure that the party remains alive even after his tenure in office and I believe that all members of the party are strongly working towards that. There is no doubt that he has serious influence on the party considering the kind of person he is. His character, integrity has also been able to help the party a lot.

“Having helped the party get this far, I believe that he will also find a way to keep the party alive even after his tenure. I don’t think that the end of his tenure will negatively affect the party in a form. The party, on daily basis, has begun to assess and reassess where it has done well and will improve on that aspect.

“The fear in many quarters about the party crumbling after Buhari’s tenure is just part of human nature and the way we have found ourselves in Nigeria. People tend to believe the worst of every situation. We can only capitalise on his current influence to improve the party in future.

“The problem we have in Africa politics and especially from people thinking that there is no other father figure in the APC outside President Buhari is the mistake of building an institution around an individual. Mr President has also suggested that we diffuse individual strength and concentrate more on building strong institution instead of strong individuals.

“I believe that the earlier all of us in this country de-emphasise strong individuals against strong institution the better for all of us. The President having realised this has insisted that we do things constitutionally for a better party and country. Granted that he is a father figure but he is not imposing that father figure on anybody.

“Come 2023, the APC will as usual bank on institution not on any individual and it has always been so even before now. Party constitution has always been the number one reference point of our activities.”

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