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 Finance analysts and tax experts in Nigeria have been dissecting the recently promulgated Finance Act 2019 with the belief that it will go a long way in engendering business growth in the country.


As part of its ‘Employee Give-Back initiative, employees of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) have donated funds to support the initiatives of the Women at Risk International Foundation (WARIF) in Lagos during the Christmas holidays.

The Employee Giveback initiative is one of various employee engagement initiatives instituted to encourage employees to make a positive impact in their communities whilst providing them with hands-on experience and learning opportunities on issues that plague the society.

WARIF is a non-profit organization founded in 2016 in response to the high incidence of sexual assault, rape and human trafficking occurring amongst young girls and women across Nigeria.

While presenting the donation to WARIF, NSE Head, Corporate Communications, Mr. Olumide Orojimi said, “Giving back by volunteering our time, donating money and other essentials is at the core of our culture at the NSE.

“In addition, we believe that promoting gender equality and diversity is a critical success factor for global economic prosperity. At the Exchange, we champion an organisational culture that promotes diversity and inclusion as well as the wellbeing and development of all employees through the implementation of gender friendly policies,” he said.

Prior to this donation, NSE employees participated in the WARIF “No tolerance for rape walk” which was held on Saturday, December 7, 2019, in commemoration of the United Nations ‘16 Days of Activism’ for Gender-Based Violence.

The donation to WARIF builds on the longstanding tradition of donating money, food items and volunteering time by NSE employees in their bid to make a positive impact in the society. Over the years, NSE Employees have raised funds for worthy causes.

During the 2018 Easter celebrations, NSE employees donated money to fund medical bills for 10 children in SOS Children’s Village, Lagos.

In 2017, NSE employees donated various food and household items to charities across the country including The Lagos Food Bank Initiative, Agege, Lagos, Total Parental Guidance Orphanage, Ibadan, Oyo State and Christian Relief Fund Motherless Babies Home, Obosi, Anambra State, all selected based on employees nomination and were selected via a random ballot system.

The Exchange continues to build a thriving capital market by championing sustainability along four key impact areas of Marketplace, its platform for promoting market-based approach to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) imperatives; Community, where the NSE makes contributions to positively impact lives; Workplace, through which the Exchange facilitates diversity, wellbeing and harnesses the talents and skills of its people; and the Environment as it focuses on reducing its environmental impact.

Fir a better society

Inauguration: Buhari's Minister a poor parade of recycled foot-travellers -PDP
…Insists on review of S’ Court judgment
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has  said the reason Governors of the All Progressives Congress (APC) are standing alone in defence of the widely-condemned  judgment of the Supreme Court on Imo governorship election is because many of them are products of huge electoral manipulations.

Supreme Court Judgement: Judiciary sabotaged by dictatorial cabal – Atiku
… Calls for more security structures at the local levels
Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar has said insecurity in Nigeria would be addressed if community, state, and zonal policing is introduced to complement the federal policing.

In a statement from his media office on Sunday, Atiku said, “As enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution, the primary responsibility of government  at any level, is the protection of lives and property of the citizen.

“In carrying out this function, the state employs different layers of measures to ensure effective and efficient policing.

“It is without doubt that in the past decade particularly, the current policing administration in our dear country had been stretched to its limits and it is obvious that the reality of our domestic security upheaval will demand of us to recalibrate our police systems.

“In the First Republic, before we gravitated too much to the center, policing was done federally with each native authority and region having some mechanisms to deal with little upsets that were the security concerns of those times.

“In the present day Nigeria, there is hardly any state of the federation that does not contend with some type of security challenges.

“Because our security challenges are diverse in forms and impacts, it is thus incumbent that centrally controlled police architecture cannot exclusively deal with those challenges.

“Consequently, there is need for the creation of additional policing structures in the country to address the rapidly growing challenges of insecurity and crime.

“The time is ripe to seriously confront the reality of insecurity in the country by addressing the urgency of introducing state police, zonal police and community policing to complement the efforts of the current federal police.

“It is obvious that current levels of insecurity in the country are giving rise to major initiatives such as Amotekun and the issue need not be controversial in the first place.

“The police are likely to be more effective if they constantly operate in the same local community or local government because such closeness might create a bond with the local people, thereby enabling community cooperation and participation that would engender proactive outcomes in crime prevention.

“Nigeria is a vast country facing enormous security challenges and, therefore, there is the urgent need to create more security structures at the local levels to reduce the burden on the federal police.

“The issue of security shouldn’t be politicised and monopolised in the face of our current alarming security challenges characterised by the fear of even travelling on our highways by the citizens who might be intercepted by kidnappers and taken hostage for ransom. 

“Local policing shouldn’t be mistaken for an effort to hijack the role of the federal police or a competition with the federal government.

“The obvious inadequacies of the federal police to effectively deal with these rapidly growing security challenges make local policing not only desirable, but also necessary. 

“The police are more likely to be effective in areas where they are well known and trusted by the local communities who in turn are willing to share information about known criminals and criminal activities, thereby foiling those crimes before they are even carried out.

“It is a given perception that when people have a role in their own security, they are going to help to defeat the criminal in their tracks and that the more they are involved, the more likely they would perceive the police as their friends.

“In the envisage new order, states and local governments shouldn’t be reduced to peripheral players in policing and security matters. When local police structures are closest to the grassroots, emergency response will be more effective than the current unwieldy chain of command that renders local government chairmen ineffective when their people are under attacks.

“As a matter of fact, it is refusing to adopt new ways of doing things that poses a threat to the unity of the country.

“Therefore, Atiku Abubakar supports Community, State and Zonal Police to complement Federal Police to deal with insecurity in the country. It has never been this bad to the extent of threatening the unity of the country.”


For a better society

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