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Engr Atinuke Owolabi honours late mother during Ladies Kitty day at Ikeja Golf club

L-r…MD/CEO Wurvicat international Limited , Engr Atinuke Wuruola Owolabi (daughter of Late Mama Christian Alabi Agbaje age 80 years that passed on 12th July 2019 buried on the 1st August 2019), past president (APWEN) Engr. Olayinka Abdul and Engr Monsurah Alagbe during the Ladies Kitty day Ikeja Golf Club Sponsored by Engr Atinuke Owolabi in Honour of her Late mother that died recently in Lagos

There is hand of God at Wind of Glory Ministry….. Prophetess Onyinye

Prophetess Onyinyechukwu Pricilla Edward is fast becoming a household name among many Christian homes especially in Lagos and the south eastern part of the country. Her growing popularity is on account of the encounters of miracles and healings which most people have with God at the Wind of Glory Ministry which she leads as the Prophetess. As the Ministry celebrates her 1oth year anniversary, prophetess Onyinye in this interview says Nigeria should seek help from God.


Can we meet you madam; let’s know you. We were expecting to meet one big and flamboyantly dressed madam but we find a very simply dressed but amiable lady.

My name is Prophetess Onyinyechukwu Pricilla Edward. Most members of the Wind of Glory Ministry call me Sister. I am the one leading the Wind of Glory Ministry located here in Ikorodu area of Lagos. I am from Enugu State. I am married with children. Not much about me; I am simple, easy going and willing to serve God
Wind of Glory Ministry is celebrating its 10th year anniversary this month of August. It is an achievement keeping the flock together for 10 years.

How do you feel having nurtured this ministry for 10 years?

I thank God for everything. I thank God because it has not been easy. So many people started such project but didn’t go far. One year, two years, three years, 10 years; I thank God for bringing me this far despite the challenges.

How did this journey of serving in the vineyard of God start for you. I am sure that you did not wake up one morning to start a worship and healing ministry.

It all started when I was about seven or eight years old. My parents then used to say said that they don’t know what was wrong with me. When the spirit of God comes upon me then, I will not know that it is the spirit of God and I will have a message to go to certain villages, maybe in Imo State, Anambra or Enugu State, they (spirit of God) will give me the address, the name of the family and the direction. I will go there, locate the place and the people they way that I was directed and I will give them the message. Sometimes I will spend between three to four days or even one week on such missions. When I come back, my mother will say ‘ leave Onyinyechukwu alone’ that she don’t know the type of child she gave birth to but my father will say, ‘leave her for me. What she is doing is something that in our family’. My grandmother, that is, my father’s mother was a native doctor. My father used to remind us how his mother used to cure people with herbs and natural things.

My father wanted to be a priest but unfortunately he could not make it. It was only my father that understood what was happening to me in those early days. From that period I entered into the Charismatic group in the church. I was been visionary as a member of the charismatic but the Reverend Father at St. Joseph Catholic Church Emene, Enugu State didn’t allow me to do anything at all. He said my parents should take me out as to know what was wrong with me. Most people then did not understand the kind of power that I have. From there, I will go to churches; at times if I go to churches, the prophet that was in that church will take me to be working for them; that is; giving them prophesies. They will be eating what is in the work while I will the one working. But I never cared because I didn’t know what I was doing. I never knew that I was answering a call from God to serve Him

When I got married, I started the work again at Palm Groove area in Lagos. When I had my first baby in 2005, I continued the work, but at some point I said I don’t want to do the work again because the burden and stress were so much on me. I will be going up and down. When people come to the Ministry, I will tell them to go and look for another place that I don’t want to do the prayer ministry work again. When I stopped doing the work, I had serious headache which affected my eyes and I lost my sight. At that point when I became blind, I didn’t know what to do. Some people said it was because I stopped the work of God. My parents and others told me that if I start the work that I will regain my sight but I told them that I don’t want to work again because I thought that the work is anytime I feel like, I do it. I was taken to Ikeja General Hospital for surgery. After the surgery, I didn’t regain my sight. We went to Ikoyi Hospital for another surgery but all to no avail. The blindness lasted for one and half years. After a year and six months, in October 6, 2007 to be precise, I had a dream where a man gave me water to use and that whatever I want God to do for me, I should use the water. I later I used the water and washed my eyes and my eyes opened. When my eyes opened, I gave God glory. With that stubbornness, I still said that I don’t want to do again; somebody will be sitting down seeing something that will happen tomorrow or next month. I said let other people go and do the work because my three sisters are doing the same work too; I concluded they should continue that I don’t want to do it again.

At a time, I started business, my husband refused but I said I can’t stay indoors because I like moving out. One day as I was walking along the road, my two legs broke; I asked myself, what was going on. People came and told my husband to send me away that the suffering was too much, that since he married me, he never enjoyed peace even for one day. My husband told them that if he sends me away, he may not be doing the right thing.

The time I became blind, my people rejected me; both my husband side and my father side. It was only my father, my elder sister and my mother in-law that stood with me. Others said that the suffering was too much and that they can’t take it any longer.

When I met a mad woman at Ojota Bus Stop, she said; my friend, I love you come let me tell you something. She said ; “I am the one doing all these to you, before you can be free, go and do my work”. I asked the mad woman, which your work? The mad woman said I should go and buy chair, thank God that I was with some money. I bought the chair, Bible, bell and lantern. The mad woman said because of the love I have for you, I am giving these things to go and start the work of God, use this chair and sit down. As this bell is ringing, your ears will open like the bell, as I am putting light in this lantern, your eyes will be like this light. This Bible, use it and preach the word of God, use it and go to war, you will go and come back. I asked the mad woman, how can I start again because I had stopped the work for long, she said, go home and leave the remaining one for her. So when I finished with that mad woman, I carried all of those things and came back. On entering my house, what I heard was a knock on my door. The person said she was looking for prophetess, and I asked which prophetess, from there, the number of people started increasing and I don’t know how God is doing it up till now.

Can you remember the year you had the encounter with the mad woman at Ojota bus stop?

I met the mad woman in April 2010.You have been emphasizing on the work, can just let us understand this work
The work I am doing is the work of God. What made to say I don’t want to do the work again was as a result of the things I was seeing, going to villages I don’t know, entering bushes on instructions to take leaves to prepare for someone who is sick, and once I do that and give to the person, he or she will be ok. That was why I said, I don’t want to do again because I don’t know what was happening.

In the spiritual realm, you do certain things and in the physical, healings will take place. In the course of the work you are doing, have you had instances where people are delivered or you cast out demons and the problem which you resolved for the person comes back to haunt you?

As human beings we have challenges because at times when some things will happen or people were delivered from one problem or one attack or the other, some people will say how manage? Is it this small girl that is doing all these? Let’s check whether she belong somewhere. Most times they will send somebody from the back to come and when the person comes, he or she will see a different thing from what was told. This healing which I put in the ministry started right from when I was in secondary school. Sometimes I will be taken inside the bush and I will hear a voice, Onyinyechukwu if you listen to me you will do many wonders and I will say who are you; I want to know the person that is speaking to me. I will hear, I am virgin Mary, mother Mary. At times I will hear, I am Jesus Christ of Nazareth, if you can obey my word, I will use you to cure so many sicknesses. I will be shown different leaves that will cure different diseases and sicknesses. The voice will say, I am going to bless you with so many things, the things I am going to give you is for the world, don’t collect money from people. If I want to bless you, I will send people to bless you. Since then, I have been trying my best because it is not easy as a human being.

How do you combine this prayer ministry work with your family as a married woman?

It is not easy but I thank God for the kind of man that I married. Most times he will behave like a man he is , but most times he will say I don’t want problem with God, go, God has taken over my wife. He takes care of the children anytime I travel for programmes, most times I will be away for four to five days. It will be just himself and the children.

What is your attitude about material acquisition?

People do give me gifts and I will I put it back into the ministry because of the message I got when I was in secondary school. God said he is going to give me everything but is not for me. That anytime he is going to bless me, he will send people that will bless me. I have to obey because I don’t know the one I will do and I will offend God. I borrowed money from the Bank to buy this property we are using, even the one we just acquired.

What is the size of your membership?

I don’t know how to explain that. God is doing his work, bringing people to Himself. I don’t have register of members but the thing is that the number of people who come keeps increasing everyday. People hear what is happening at the Wind of Glory Ministry and they will come to benefit and when they go back they will bring others. It is God at work. To tell you the truth, I cannot explain how prophesies come.

I understand you are a Catholic, is this Ministry all about catholic or inter denominational worship centre?

I am under Catholic Church, but I am having problem with the Priests and some Reverend Fathers. They said I am too small to do this work, that I should look for any Parish of my choice here in Lagos to start this work. I told them no, that I can’t do that because there are certain things I am doing that they might not allow me to do. They do not know when I started this work. I can remember when one Reverend Father came and I said no, I gave him my father’s home address to go and verify where I come from. Any Parish I like, I go and worship and come back, because I don’t know what is going on. There was a day I went to obe Catholic Church in Ikorodu here, they refused to give me Holy Communion before the congregation, because they said I am stubborn that I don’t want to listen to them and I said no problem and l left. This is just a Ministry and not a church, so anybody is free to come and fellowship, pray and go back to his or her church. We are all in the race of trying to make heaven and to seek God’s anointing in resolving some problems. The devil and bad people are everywhere and we Christian’s must remain very prayerful.

You said there are some things you do which the Catholic Priest will not like, what are those things?

Like the healing work that I am doing, sometimes I will bring some leaves and some workers will help me to pound it for the work. There are some things I do here which they will not allow me to do.

So why combining prayer with herbs?

I am combining prayers with herbs because that was what God told me and he gives me the kind of herbs to use. Even women that carry pregnancy for more than their due date, when they come to me God will tell me the type of herbs to cook and the dosage. With faith, God will answer the person. The same thing with those looking for the fruit of the womb or some serious sicknesses and wounds including rotten legs. God uses me to heal them.

How much do you charge people for healing?

I don’t collect a dime from people. Come and pray and let God heal you. Your thanksgiving is to God and not to Sister Onyinyechi or Wind of Glory Ministry.

As you celebrating the 10th anniversary, where would you want to see this Ministry in the next 10 years?

I am praying that this ministry will be bigger than this; I also pray that God will bring more people and God will save more souls and give them more testimonies because it is that testimony that will bring them back. I pray that God will not allow this Ministry to collapse.

There are so many churches and Mosques, yet there are so many problems, most people accuse leaders of churches of not telling the people the truth. In this Ministry, will you be honest to say that you are telling worshipers what is right and what is wrong?

I am telling them what is right and what is wrong. Since I started this work, I have not begged anybody any money because I want to always say things the way they are. I don’t want to see a situation that you are doing something that is not good, because of what you gave me, I will keep quite. I have always tell Nigerians and the government the truth according to the word of God. If people over the words of God they will be little or no problem for Nigeria.

What gives you joy as a person?

Anytime I call Him He answers. Even at those times that I feel there is no hope, He will answer. God is always there for me.

In the last 10 years of this Ministry, have you had course to have any regret?

I don’t have any regret. The time that my eyes was closed and I had headache for good 10 years because of this work, I told my husband to take me home that I don’t want to die in Lagos to avoid much spending. God told me that He is going to use me that I am going to be alive for the world to see what He is going to do through me. Sometimes, I will remember the word that I will die; I will say God, thank you for today.

Has there been any time God gave you a message for this country?

Before we started having these issues of insecurities in this country, there was a time God told me that if we do not pray well, so many people are going to die, and that if we pray well, he is going to change it. God told me that the president is not the problem of the country that it is the people around him that are the problem. I should tell the people that surround the president to change their ways, that if they didn’t, their generations will suffer. I told those who were around.

What are the programmes lined up for the 10th year anniversary?

God did not allow me to end the journey half way, which is why I said let us thank God. We are going to celebrate our 10th year anniversary on Thursday, August 22, 2019 at our worship center in Agric area of Ikorodu in lagos. We are going to have prayer session with praises and worship to God for bringing us this far. What give me joy are the miracles God is giving to people. I am encouraging many more people to join us in our anniversary celebration.

Looking at the present situation of the country, what is your advice to Christians?

My advice to every Christian is to follow the direction of God no matter the problem and challenges of life. One of the things I believe is that without temptation, there will be no testimony, what I am telling all the Christians is that they should have faith and believe God and they should not because of the present circumstances or hardships do what is not right. Let them believe God and follow the direction of God.

For a better society

L-r…Former Ekiti State Commissioner for finance and Economic development Dr Tunji Adeniyi, Acting Executive Chairman Osun State Internal Revenue Service Mr Bicci Alli, Executive Chairman of Lagos Internal Revenue Service (LIRS) Mr Hamzat Ayodele Subair, Mr Hamzat Ayodele Subair, Managing Partner/CEO, Okwudili Ijezie and Co. Chief Blakey Ijezie , Sir Amechi Ebeledike and CEO Nejeed Consulting Limited Mr John Nejoh.

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