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2019: Zaura unveils policy thrust of his govt

2019: Zaura unveils policy thrust of his govt


The gubernatorial candidate of the Green Party of Nigeria Dr A A Zaura has unveiled how he would reform Kano State within two years of his government when elected in 2019.

He said time has come when the state needs young, dynamic and highly intelligent politician to move the state forward unlike what is being seen today as government has lost focus and directions to rule.

Dr. Zaura revealed this to his teeming supporters who trooped Kano Central Hotel to witness their political heroes receiving award from an organization for his dynamic support that has touched the lives of many in the state and beyond.

The occasion marked the beginning of his political journey in the history of his life.He said Kano State has the potentials to seize the opportunities in the 21st century if only it can do away with side shows and work towards realising its future.

“No doubt the state is endowed with high profile politicians and personalities with exceptional qualities that can transform it to a better standard but lamented the absence of good life that everybody suppose to enjoy in Kano which he described as a right and not a privilege”, he said.

Paradoxically he said, the advent of democracy has uncovered credible politicians whose quest for better Kano State can not be over emphasized, it is for this reasons that some of them in the contemporary dispensation wish to fight tooth and nail to ensure they change the change as he tagged his campaign project.

Furthermore, the democrat maintained that he can see commitments in the eyes of the people ready to change the change as he tagged his campaign project hoping that by the grace of Allah when voted to power in 2019 general election, he will ensure the education sector is totally rehab I rated and transformed by constructing more classroom blocks to decongest the outrageous number of students per class which is 200 and above currently in Kano state.

That is notwithstanding, more schools will be established to cater for the educational needs of children in the state.He stressed that the current change lacks strategies for good governance this because development can genuinely be achieved when education is given prominence in every government rather than infrastructures many of which has since suffered dilapidation as a result low standard construction firms who were awarded contracts deliberately for self gains.

The governor to be by the grace of Allah said Kano state is nowhere to be found in the indices of good governance on global perspective. He noted with dismay that instead of moving forward the greatest state is rather in backward position, so it is the Green Party’s determination and committed to Change the Change as the current change has brought untold hardship and in this has failed woefully hence the need for a better change, the change that will usher in the new beginning of time.

Kano for several decades has not made addition to some sectors of the economy such as health where new hospitals have not been built. For over 40 years, the state still parades Abdullahi Wase hospital at Nasarawa, Murtala Muhammad and Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital as their best hospitals whereas in commerce, to date, Kano is only proud of Katin Kwari, Sabin Gari Markets, Kasuwa Rimi, Dawanau grains market and Kurmi markets as markets centers.

The state government moreover has failed in taken advantage of the wind of change in the year 2000 which has metamorphosed into a spring board for various developmental programs and policies of many nations.

This time, he reiterated, the state is lucky to have such politicians like him whose have good records and vast opportunities across the length and breadth of the world, believing that with his wide exposure coupled with his cultural assimilations, his tenure “will surely open doors for new breed of politicians who have credible experience in governance to lead the state to the Promised Land, insha Allah”.

He also said: “The world has advanced and learning is done in a conducive environment with classical learning tools and materials unlike what is happening in Kano State where about 200 pupils and students are compressed in a class sitting on bare floors in all our schools.

“This reveals government’s negligence in its readiness to prepare its youths for the next generation regardless of the fact that these young generations in the next 20 years become adults where much is expected from them. What are we doing as leaders? Should we fold our arms and keep watching? This is dangerous and disastrous attempt by the current administration to set the clock of advancement backward and this could be a time bomb”.

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