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2015: My vision for Bauchi State – Zailani

Ibrahim Zailani, a barrister, is among the Bauchi State gubernatorial aspirants under the APC, he served as Commissioner for Justice and Information under PDP government of Adamu Mua’zu, and former member, Federal House of Representative, Toro Constituency, in this Interview with Journalists in Bauchi,  he unfolds his plans and vision. Correspondent SELYA YARNAP reports.  

As one of Bauchi State’s gubernatorial aspirants under the All Progressive Congress (APC) what are your blue prints?
Thank you very much; I think ideally people must be informed, because if you are informed then you are empowered. It’s unfortunate that Bauchi state with a population of about 5 million with vast areas of agricultural land has been under misdirection of priorities and I am convinced that people now need a homeboy like me to change the way and manner PDP governed the state.
I am bold to add that I have five blue prints for the benefit of Bauchi state people if given the opportunity to govern ahead of 2015 election and eventuality given the ticket under the APC to run the governorship race.
First, I will ensure the security of lives and properties of all citizens in the state will be guaranteed as long as you are living within the boundary of Bauchi State.  Secondly, I will without any further delay address the protracted crises in the education sector being the cornerstone of every development.
It’s a shame for the state to have come 35th out 36th states in terms of 2014 WAEC performance rating when government claimed to have invested huge amounts of money. And with this poor performance even our state owned university cannot afford to admit students, so it’s regrettable.
Thirdly, I will pursue economic empowerment to the conclusion through placing much priority in agriculture to create job opportunity like cottage industry, farming including attention to public service to carry along the restive youths who were used as willing tool andfinally abandoned by the PDP government and are now a nuisance to the society.
Fourthly, You are aware that,  health system in the entire Northern region have been decimal one following high cases of mortality rate and Bauchi State is one of the state that have failed to address the problem associated with culture, ignorance as  such, I will make sure the  problem in health sector  squarely reform and finally  we will ensure supply of portable drinking water in the state  because up till now our people still go to  well and ponds as sources of water with the current danger of killer diseases which are sometimes not curable.
Sir, you are from Bauchi South which have being enjoying the governorship seat since the advent of democracy, with this agitation that there should be rotation to either central or northern zone, what is your take?  As far as I am concerned, it is a genuine expression and as democrat, I believe that everybody should be able to express self in any manner, but the beauty of democracy is that only the majority decide who become the governor and to me Bauchi State needs a credible person not minding the zone he comes because the challenge is who treat people well.
We should keep aside our religious, political and ethnic difference and vote credible person with sound mind that can lead the state to the promise land if really we need development especiallythose with genuine blue prints and leadership charisma who believe in equity , fairness and justice and jettison the  issue of where do you belongs Are you not intimidated by the multiple number of Bauchigubernatorial aspirants from both the PDP and the APC
As far as I am concern, nobody can intimidate me, by rating all the gubernatorial aspirants in both the political parties, IIbrahim Zailani believed that I am better than all of them and nonecan intimidate me. However, with this, I want to assure you that I have a glaring chance to govern the state.  APC as a formidable political party, how do you close yourrank in order to clinch the party’s gubernatorial bearer during the primaries?
Well, the APC constitution is  a clear one compared to the PDP who only anoint candidate through the  influence of god-fathersm because APC party have provided the platforms  for one  to emerge as the party’s flag-bearer, it can be through consensus and if the aspirants cannot  agree within themselves you go on secret or upon ballot system.
Believe me, the multiple number of aspirants broth from the PDP and APC is one of those beauty of democracy and for ours in APC is an indication that the party has come to stay and ready to beat come 2015 elections even though I am not leaving any stone unturned closing my ranks to emerge as APC candidate fully aware only one person can is needed after the primaries.
You were among the founding fathers of PDP and happened to win as member, Federal House of Representative for Toro constituency, served as commissioner during Mu’azu regime as well as former senior special adviser to President Obasanjo, don’t   you think you will dump the APC for PDP if you win the governorship election?
Let me tell you, I am a principled politician and attracted to operate with the opposition party even though I had a little transition with the PDP, but realizing my expectations cannot be made,I decided to go back to APC where I am today.
Issue of cross-carpeting should not be generalized because if you take the issue of Yuguda as a person and where he is coming from, definitely only the public can judge his political style in the state. But for me, I want to assure that I have no intention of leaving APC for PDP because the APC metamorphose from the ANPP.
What is your take on the voting pattern of Bauchi electorate between the ruling and opposition parties and the chances of the APC come 2015
I assure you that the political permutation of 2007 must repeat itself come 2015 general elections in Bauchi state because the electorates are voting the PDP out of power as the APC government will be the one to take-over 29th May, 20015 following the failure of PDPperformance to consolidates of the gains of democracy where people witness total economic collapse of the economic activities not only Bauchi State.
Let me tell you, people are tired of PDP as a party, because they don’t longer have anything to show to the people in support of their claims that the administration has done a lot to the electorates up to the federal level and the only option for Nigerians is to vote theAPC.
What is your advice to the good people of Bauchi?
My advice is that, they should vote the PDP government out of governance.

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