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‘200 workers sustain Industrial accident daily in Nigeria’

…Senate pushes bill to protect factory workers


Senate on Thursday passed a bill that would protect the factory worker ,just as no fewer that 200 factory workers sustained industrial accident daily in Nigeria‎.Leading debate on the plight of Nigerian workers, Senator Duro Faseyi informed his colleagues that when the bill is passed into law it will adequately protect factory workers in Nigeria by scaling down the risks, danger and accident exposed inside the factories.

In his words,” the bill seeks to enact additional provision desirable to guaranteeing that workers are adequately protected in their workplaces by scaling down the risk, dangers and accidents they are exposed to while carrying out thier activities and to ensure the enhancement of thier welfare and health.

“The risk and danger that workers are prone to in their workplaces have been on increase. The working conditions, welfare and environment have continued to decline making the number of occupational hazard in Nigeria one of the highest in the world.

“Expert put the figure of reported industrial accidents in workplaces in the country at 200 on daily basis. Records show that no fewer than 400 workers lost their lives in the power sector in two years while on official duties.

“The frequency of fatal industrial accident in manufacturing sector is very alarming. The curious sad thing is that both the management and Union conceal cases of industrial accident and secretly negotiate compensation which gives the management leaway to compensate the families of victims in both deaths and permanent disabilities with partly sums.

“Equally painful, is the workers who suffer major injuries like loss of organs, legs, hands are often dismissed by the management after receiving the paltry sums.”

After exhaustive debate on the bill, the bill was forwarded to Senate Committee on Industry and report back in four weeks.


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